HELP: I need anyone's thought's, idea's or suggestion's for my elderly Dalmatian!!

I post this message with a very heavy heart. It is all I can do to even type it. My best friend of the last 14 years is to that point, Bonzo is my Dalmatian. Bonzo is the first dog I've owned for his entire life. He is my absolute best friend, by my side every moment we are together. The first thing he does when he wakes up is come to find me, then he will go outside, but not before looking for me first! I've never had to do this before. I know there is no way I can hold it together to be with him. I can't even talk about it, and barely holding it together to type about it! His hips are so bad I can't get him in or out of any kind of vehicle. Does anyone know of and services offered that I could pay to come to my house? I'm desperate for help, as he is getting worse quickly. I can't imagine making it through it, but I can't imagine not being there for him either. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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Are you looking for pet sitting type of service or ???  I'm unclear about what kind of help you're looking for.

Sorry, I so wish I was!! No I was looking for a service that can come to me and put him down. I have a place here that will do the creamation. He would need to be transported there afterwords.

 Rick, I didn't realize you were looking to put Bonzo down...I'm so sorry...

 You should probably talk to your vet... and find out who they recommend for cremation...I recommend taking the remains to  Pet Legacy at Flanner and Buchanan, off Allisonville Road, wonderful folks and a beautiful area...for the final resting place..however, you need a vet to put him kindly to sleep.


 Rick, as I understand it now, you live in Shelbyville can't find a vet to come to your home there? Do you need help getting Bonzo in the car to transport to vet or are you only wanting a vet to come to your home to put him at rest?

 You can also e mail me..


I do know our vet does house calls but he is on the northside of Indy.  Call your vet in the morning and see what they can do for you.  Maybe they can recommend someone.  They may surprise you and come to your house.

My vet is Dr. Rick Arnold with Pet Pals Veterinary Hospital, no relation to our tv show.  Their # is (317)257-1761

Please keep us posted on what happens.  We do care!

Good luck to you Rick and Bonzo.  He's lucky to have such a caring owner.


Hi, I just joined this. Rick, I'm sorry you and your best friend are going through this. Were you able to find someone?

Hi Kathy,

 Patty here:

 Rick got the situation handled, and Bonzo is not longer suffering, he was put to rest Nov 3...and in no more pain...

 14 year old Dalmation is a wonderful life.

 I'm sure Rick will welcome your friendship...

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