Does anyone know a good news source or a way I can get the word out in the Broad Ripple area that my friends dog was stolen here in Centerville and taken to Indy. She took the guy (who took the dog) to court and won a judgement against him but he told the judge he gave the dog away to someone at the Broad Ripple dog park. My friend loves her dog and wants him back and he is either still with that guy (he could be lying) or he is with a couple that have no clue that they were given a stolen dog. The dog is a male black and white boston terrier with a clef palet. He is greatly missed and needs to come home. Thank you for listening.

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Well, they obviously go to the BR bark park (in lieu of "the guy" lying) so I would have to say flyers at the dog park would be a good bet.

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