Meet Patty Spitler

Patty Spitler is a host and contributor to Pet Pals TV and

Patty worked for 23 years at WISH-TV in Indianapolis as an anchor and entertainment reporter. She retired in 2004 for health reasons. Patty suffers from Meniere's Disease, a condition that causes dizziness, loss of hearing and pressure in her ear.

The man of the house is her Bernese Mountain Dog, Louie. Louie is her constant companion and helps "hear" for Patty. Louie lets Patty know when someone is at the door, or when the telephone rings. Louie is 120 pounds of love. Patty also has four cats, all of whom get along with Louie just fine.

Patty volunteers her time with Pet Pals TV and other animal organizations. Patty writes a blog for Pet Pals and contributes to both the online and on-air product of Pet Pals TV. When she's not on the air or in front of her computer, Patty and Louie can be found at the dog park or taking a walk in Broad Ripple

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