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Hendricks County Animal Control and Hendricks County Humane Society Please Help

I tried to volunteer at the Hendricks County Animal Control and was shocked to discover they do not allow volunteers. I am now a member of a group that is working to make changes at Animal Control. We would like to have the Humane Society help Animal Control with volunteers, adoptions, etc. Apparently this is a much more difficult task than I originally thought.

A member of the group I joined has created a Facebook page that outlines some of the problems.

We are just… Continue

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Top Ten Dogs

The number one registered dog in the American Kennel Club for 2009 was (drum roll, please).....The Labrador Retriever (again) followed by German Shepherd Dog, Yorkshire Terrier, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Boxer, Bulldog, Dachsund, Poodle and Shi Tzu.

What about our City of Indianapolis? The Top dogs for around here were:

1. Labrador Retriever

2. German Shepherd Dog

3. Yorkshire Terrier

4. Boxer

5. Golden Retriever

Now you can win that bet with your… Continue

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Top 10 things NOT to feed your pet, including avocados!


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Pick a training method. Any training method and there will be one common theme through them all. Consistency. I train with alot of dogs and people (the people are the hardest) and always communicating with your dog in the same way makes everyone's job easier. Having the words mean the same thing each time along with the same results for following them or not following is paramount in working with your dog.

Let's take the command "Come" as an example. If I always want my dog to come… Continue

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What a Wonderful Day...

Thank you to all our dear Pet Pals TV people...and please check out LOUIE and me on WTHR.com (click here) as we appeared on their Noon News today... Thank you Sweetie, Angela Cain!

I had a great time on the air today.. I love my fur babies soo much, and I love to share how animals help enrich our lives..and.in fact, sometimes save our lives...again, please check out the video on Community, Focus… Continue

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Wren and Raven's TV debut

See more of Wren and Raven February 14th on Pet pals TV!!!

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The Ewoks of the Dog World

The Ewoks of the Dog World

By Dr. Anndrea Kapke

Olive Branch Parke Veterinary Clinic



Yorkshire Terriers are those little dogs that look like Star Wars Ewoks that you see peeking out of ladies’ purses. Yorkies have long, straight, glossy hair coats that are described as blue and tan (grey or black and tan for us non-dog-show types.) The Yorkshire Terrier breed…


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When you open yourself up to new adventures, it's often surprising the startling things that can come your way. I have Meniere's Disease, which is permanent and progressive and has left me with profound hearing loss and balance issues.. That's the bad news.

The good news is continuing to grow.

Because of the depression and isolation I felt when I had to quit my hearing intensive job at WISH-TV several years ago, I knew I needed help. Not with more pills or booze or… Continue

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Cat saves family from fire


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Beware of free doggy bed scam!

This is from Wallet Pop:


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excercise, excercise, excercise.

Exercising your dog is one of the most important things you can do to help your pet be happy and healthy. Exercise can help alleviate stress and anxiety just as it does with people. Low energy dogs are easiest to exercise as a just a nice walk around the block once daily will give them what they need. Where problems arise is the higher energy dogs. A single walk might not be enough to satisfy their craving for physical activity.

Different… Continue

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"Git yer hanky out fer a heartwarmin' country song about a dawg & some wonderful doggie artwork

Please enjoy this "emotion-packed" slideshow of Doggie Art from Seattle artist Nancy Schutt accompanied by a heartfelt song about the love and loss of a favorite dog buddy...
We are sure you will enjoy this and you can by going to the youtube site:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4IcvnlGjhg Thanks y'all ~

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Deaf dog returned to owners after escape from hospital

Sweet story that appeared on AOL News, with photo:


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Have you seen the latest???

Good morning to all you Pet Pals People. There is tons of new things on the website. New events, videos and commentary along with the January episode, if you haven't caught it yet. The show was number 1 in the time slot and it was all due to Pet Pals People spreading the word. Invite your friends, relatives, co-workers, the mailman (well you get the idea) to join and check all the new stuff.

Greg "that dog guy" Hollen

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Auditions for Stupid Pet Tricks

It's one of the most endearing things David Letterman offers on his late night show...and now YOU and your pet could be a part of it!

An open 'casting call' is being held on Monday, February 1st...at the Home show here in Indianapolis.

Bring you pet, and show off his talent...a channel 8 tv crew will be on hand, along with PET PALS TV, to record the auditions.

Your tape will be sent to the Letterman show for a possible trip to NY and a chance to show off...on the show!

For… Continue

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Cat called for jury duty

Cute story! Has video .......


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greening America 1 home ata time! Bestter for you and your pets, Try these wonderful products,
my website is www.wowgreen.net/marthap

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Garden store has a resident cat

If you like cats, and who doesn't?, check out my blog today at Indystar.com. One of our Eastside businesses has had a resident cat for more than 15 years! There's a photo, too.…


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re: You made it happen

Congratulations on the time slot info - keep getting the word out, it is a great show and a great website.........we will keep on adding and watching and loving our animals.

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Dog Sports

There are many different activities you can do with your dog. From obedience competition to earth dog trials to Schutzhund. All have different requirements and different organizations have different requirements. The American Kennel Club only allows purebred dogs to participate in their competitions while the United Kennel Club allows registration and participating in all of their sports by mix-breed dogs.

Schutzhund competition is open to any… Continue

Added by Indiana Working Dogs on January 12, 2010 at 6:22am — 2 Comments

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The Right Time to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

From TV advertisements to email to online discussions, spaying and neutering your pet is a hot topic.  You can even find a whole series of YouTube videos featuring "Scooter The Neutered Cat" to help persuade you. Hopefully, your pet's neutering…

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