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Cooking for fluffy and Fido in the real world

In the real world, most of us work long hours, many people work second jobs in order to make ends meet. The idea of having to cook for one more member of the family can be overwhelming, enough that pet owners can just throw up their hands and say, “Forget it, I’ll take my chances.” In the new edition of Dinner PAWsible, a cookbook for pets, we specifically address that issue. Personally, I…


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April is Heartworm Awareness Month...Are Your Pets Protected?

If recent headlines are any indication, pet owners are probably "hyper aware" that a fairly new dog disease is causing some concerns.   A severe Canine Influenza outbreak is currently affecting the Chicagoland area and, to date, 5 dogs have died with about 1000 cases positively confirmed.  Naturally, worried pet lovers are asking veterinarians for advice.  …


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10 Reasons to Pet a Dog

Can you add anything to this list?

Petting a puppy is a fun thing to do …


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FETCH....Poofume for dogs

Silly and funny "commercial" for FETCH

FETCH, Poofume for…


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Another way dogs help us

I found a great article on how dogs can help help us humans.

Do you know anyone that has a dog like this?



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We've got it all, the best pet and critter news you'll ever experience!

This weekend on the NEW Pet Pals'll meet the sweetest Mastiff/Boxer doggie in the world. His name is Dempsey…


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The “Food Talk”

If you’ve been to my clinic for an appointment or we’ve shared a virtual phone consult, you’ve most likely heard my “food talk.” In fact, for a while, new clients would come in expecting to receive the “food talk;”…


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Gentle Ben and Blanket the Cat

Some terrific NEW stories to share with you.  

Social Media has made stars of some very unlikely subjects including Blanket the Cat. Blanket is just a 'funny, cute' kitty who happens to be…


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How Charlie’s heart condition was cured by nutrition

“Charlie” is a handsome 7 year old Dachshund who presented last fall for sneezing blood and not acting like his normal perky self.  His temperature was normal, as were his x-rays and his bloodwork, but his eyes were a…


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Welcome LEO'S PET CARE to Carmel and Indianapolis!

Leo's Pet Care is a new full-service veterinary clinic owned and operated by Dr. Greg Magnusson.

Vaccines, Spay/Neuter, Dentals, you name it, he probably does it!

Dr. Magnusson has lived and practiced in the Carmel Indianapolis area for 10 years, and has now ventured out on his own!

Show your support for this local business, and call "LPC" today!

Leo's Pet Care - Indianapolis…


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Leo's Pet Care expanding services to Carmel

Leo's Pet Care veterinary clinic will soon be serving the cats and dogs of Carmel, Indiana!

Dr. Greg Magnusson has been serving Indianapolis at Leo's Pet Care in Indianapolis since 2010, and will soon be opening a second location at 828 West Main Street, near the intersection of Guilford and Main Street in Carmel.

Leo's Pet Care - Carmel will…


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Got a great new show for you this weekend..!

Paul Poteet goes to the library with…


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What are the dangers of kibble?

We all know the positive side of kibble, dry pet food: it is amazingly convenient and has a long storage life. Many dry foods have a shelf life of years. We also know these foods are balanced to meet a certain level of…


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When is the wrong time to seek alternative medicine care?

This is an interesting question – as a holistic practitioners, our hope is that alternative care is always appropriate. However, when new clients come to alternative medicine, it needs to be for the right reason. When it’s for the right reason, everyone wins – the patient/pet gets better health, the…


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By now, all you critter lovers know that Miss P, the enchanting, prancing Beagle won Best of Show at the 139th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in NYC. But in the upcoming Pet Pals TV, you'll learn a lot of…


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If February is national dental month for pets, then how do I know if I need to take advantage of the special my veterinarian's office is running?

An oral exam will help determine the answer to your question and is usually pretty easy to perform on our dogs and cats. (At least usually, because a handful of animals don't like having their mouth handled. If you have one of these dogs or cats, you know who they are and just please be careful!) Here is a list…


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Tune in to WISH TV and WNDY TV this Saturday ( 5:30am and 9:30am respectively) to catch up with the Sisters of Savings from Hare Chevrolet. Meet Courtney Cole and Monica Peck. Not only do they own and run the oldest transportation dealership in the COUNTRY, but they…


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My dog broke her canine tooth. What do I do?

The answer depends on a couple of things: if there is damage to the tooth root, if she is in pain, and your finances.

When the tooth breaks and you can see a brown dot in the center of the tooth it suggests that the root is exposed. Sometimes that can cause pain as a nerve lives in the root. Some dogs…


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My puppy is almost seven months old and he has two sets of fangs. Should I be worried?

Most puppies lose their baby teeth by six months old. The last teeth we see change are the canines, the fangs. Just like two-legged kids, the adult tooth should push the baby tooth out. Sometimes the adult tooth isn't lined up quite right and both teeth remain.

In some cases, the tooth is just loose enough…


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Of course, I think all our shows are terrific, but this one is very special..

Meet Princess, an abandonded dog who spent the longest time...SEVEN AND A HALF and out of the shelter system. For one reason or…


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