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My puppy is almost seven months old and he has two sets of fangs. Should I be worried?

Most puppies lose their baby teeth by six months old. The last teeth we see change are the canines, the fangs. Just like two-legged kids, the adult tooth should push the baby tooth out. Sometimes the adult tooth isn't lined up quite right and both teeth remain.

In some cases, the tooth is just loose enough…


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Of course, I think all our shows are terrific, but this one is very special..

Meet Princess, an abandonded dog who spent the longest time...SEVEN AND A HALF and out of the shelter system. For one reason or…


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My dog has tartar on his teeth. Can't I just brush his teeth and get them clean?

Tartar forms from the buildup of plaque. Plaque is a slimy combination of bacteria and food particles. With time, the plaque forms a hard, almost rock-like, substance on the teeth. Tartar acts a lot like a concrete sidewalk - just as sweeping the sidewalk with a broom doesn't remove the concrete, a toothbrush is…


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Special Pets May Need Special Vets!

This past weekend, I was honored to be part of a PetPalsTV episode that put a spotlight on veterinary specialists.  We had our production crew over at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care on the southside of Indianapolis and saw some…


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Come along with Paul and Patty, and veterinary journalist…


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It's That Time of Year! Time to FLIP Your Pet's LIP!

Every February, the veterinary community observes National Pet Dental Health Month.  This is when veterinarians have historically taken a little extra time to focus on client…


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Yes, where else can you find a headline proclaiming this sort of entertainment and information!

Steve Sweitzer shows us how some dogs need a little training, a bit of direction, when it…


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My kitty day care wants to charge extra for TV time. Can cats even watch tv and is there any benefit for them?

You have one lucky kitty cat to have this as an option! But it really is a great question-do cats watch TV? Many of us have seen our dogs hear barking or a doorbell come from the TV and the dog get very excited and run over, But our cats are less inclined to react in this manner. However, have you ever seen a cat sit…


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Does my new puppy need antibiotics and dewormer sent from the breeder? The antibiotics were “just in case” he gets diarrhea from changing homes and food.

Flagyl, metronidazole, is commonly prescribed by veterinarians to treat diarrhea of unknown cause. The crazy thing is that veterinarians are not even 100% sure how metronidazole works to control diarrhea. They just know that somehow it…


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Happy New Year, and as we all recover and face a bright new year...we thought it was only appropriate to share one of our favorite shows. …


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Tele-Medicine and Veterinary Care ... Becoming a Virtual Patient!

While I’m still a practicing veterinarian near Lafayette, Indiana and operate a holistic veterinary clinic in Pine Village, I also offer “tele-medicine” options to my virtual patients.  These are patients that I may never see, but still diagnose, prescribe for, and treat.  Some of these pets live halfway…


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New Year's Resolutions ... for Pets and Pet Owners!

It's that time of year again...most of us are going to do our darndest to make, and keep, resolutions designed to help us lose weight, learn something new, save money or even look our best for the coming year.   So, why not enlist the HELP of your pets in keeping these New Year's promises??



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Pet Pals TV story featured on ABC World News Tonight!

The inspring story of TurboRoo the two-legged Chihuahua, recently featured on Pet Pals TV, is getting more national exposure!

ABC News is planning on using some Pet Pals TV material in a story they are doing on TurboRoo.   Producers tell Pet Pals TV the story is scheduled to air World News…


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Join us, at a very special…


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IndyVet collects donations to help fulfill shelter wish lists

IndyVet Emergency & Specialty Hospital (IndyVet) is collecting a variety of animal care, cleaning and administrative supplies for sheltered animals at the Morgan County Humane Society and Indianapolis Animal Care & Control through Jan. 1, 2015.

The veterinary practice and drop-off location is open 24 hours, even during the holidays, and is located at 5425 Victory Drive, just south and east of the I-465 & South Emerson Avenue interchange near Beech Grove.

Wish list…


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Just in time: Susie and her Pin Cushion

While Susie’s name has been changed to protect the innocent, her story shows how important it is to act quickly, asking your veterinarian for help if you ever have any doubt about the situation.

Susie’s issue has to…


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Holiday Memories

We are so happy to share another great new show with you this weekend. 

A wide range of stories for your viewing pleasure, including a look at a Cat Tracker! And yes, he…


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Come With Us to The 2015 Westminster Dog Show!

You're invited on an incredible journey!  Plan now for a vacation to New…


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How do I keep my pets from getting fat over the holidays?

How great you are thinking about this early in the season!


Regardless of species, it's very common to gain weight over the winter months. Part of the problem is all the food we eat, or share with our pets, the rest of the problem is, for many of us, it's cold and we don't want to go…


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Yes, we are fast approaching the end of 2014, and what a wild ride we've had, eh? On our next show, we're going to reflect on a couple of very important canine companions we lost this year ... including my sweet Louie.

But we also have a ton of great new…


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