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Louie Spitler the show's beloved Bernese Mountain dog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Louie, the light of my life is gone. He enjoyed a memorable life and a gentle passing. My heart will always remember the most special soul. Thank you for caring for this remarkable dog who made the world a little better...and saved my life everyday. I…


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 Enjoy your trip to the International Orangutan Exhibit in Indianapolis with us one more time! Learn how these great apes live, what we can do to help this endangered species in the wild, and find out more about the ones who are in the Zoo. They help us learn more about…


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Lessons We can Learn from Our Pet Dog

We humans assume that we hold the key to all knowledge to make our lives much simpler and happier, searching for all the answers to our problems in material stuff. What we forget is that there are things beyond the material layer where the real happiness and real contentment lies. Living in the artificial layer for too long has made us forgetful of the right spirit to live. But you can find that essence of life right in your home, in the lifestyle of your adorable pet dog. Dogs have even…


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Going Ape!!!

 It's ANOTHER must see show!

 This one is all about the Orangutans at the Zoo...and it's a world class affair.

The Simon Skjodt INTERNATIONAL Orangutan Exhibit IS OPENING THIS WEEKEND In Indianapolis. Touted as the biggest and best Orangutan Exhibit in the…


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We've got all kinds of 'moving' stories for you this weekend!

 First up, Simon Pagenaud, the winner of the Grand Prix of Indianapolis talks about his love of dogs! This adorable driver is a huge animal lover and you can hear his commitment and message…


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Pet Food Marketing: How Can You Tell What's True and What's Not?

Two interesting stories have come out of the pet food aisle this week.  

Just a couple of days ago, Bravo Foods recalled select lots of their diets because of the presence of Listeria, a bacteria that can cause illness in humans and can also make some pets sick.  Bravo is a pet food company focused on promoting the feeding of raw diets for our pets. 

The much more…


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A good Pit Bull story

Pit Bull service dog walks in his dead owner's place in his college graduation ceremony.…


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Frightened Chihuahua left on an interstate divider is rescued!

What a great thing this police officer did!!…


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Mutt Strut Stuff!!!


The Greatest Spectacle in Dog Walking just celebrated their 11th annual Mutt Strut, and oh what a day it was!


Come on along and join us for our TV show dedicated to this amazing fundraising event for IndyHumane...attracting people from everywhere, some 10 thousand…


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Avoiding Heat Stroke in Pets

Springtime is finally making it's way across the country and in every town, city and even rural areas, we see pets spending more and more time outside.  A visit to the swimming pool, the local creek, or the ocean helps us stay cool during the “dog days” of summer.  But what about our canine companions…


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My dog keeps shaking his head and scratching his ear. What's going on?

I find two major causes of headshaking and scratching: food allergy, or need of a chiropractic adjustment. This bold statement is based on assuming there are no fleas, and no ear mites. Assuming there are no critters, and if the ears are clean and smooth on inspection all the way down to the eardrum reveals no…


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Beautiful Butterflies. Watch them in action and at rest.…


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Corn Cob Casualties

By: Kate Fitzwater, DVM, MS, DACVS

Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner – hallelujah! With that comes the mid-western food delight of sweet corn. My family loves corn on the cob and…


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Unusual Pets - Seasonal Stories

 Have you got a little Spring in your step these days, due to nicer weather and warmer temps, and yes, it's the season for Easter critters to take center stage.…


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How can I help my dog become less shy?

If your dog is older than three months old and is shy you may have a hard time getting him to completely come out of his shell. A large part of that…


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Vegetarian Diets for Dogs and Cats?

One of the reasons that I really enjoy working with Patty Spitler so much is that she ALWAYS has an interesting idea for a pet related segment/story.  In the past couple of weeks, Patty had posted a question on her Facebook page asking folks who are vegetarian/vegan what they fed their pets.  This, of course, led to…


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Morgan Freeman, Lemurs and Hollywood

What do Morgan Freeman, Lemurs and Hollywood all have in common? If you said 'movie', you are a winner, my friend!

Last week, I was fortunate enough to travel to LA and interview the hardest working man in show business ( yes, he is) Morgan Freeman. Morgan and I go back many…


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Are You Prepared If An Emergency Happens to Your Pets?

Over this past week, Internet sites pertaining to pets and/or veterinary medicine were abuzz with a story out of Kalamazoo, Michigan.  In an extremely tragic turn of events, a young German Shepherd Dog who had recently been spayed was seen at an emergency animal hospital for bleeding internally.  Due…


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Is a dry bath as good as bathing a dog in a tub?

A dry bath involves using powder to dry up moisture and nice smells to cover up odor. Dry baths do not actually clean, think of a dry baths as equivalent to pouring baking soda on a wine spill. The baking soda dries it up and cuts down on the smell but does not actually clean the spill. A full on bath with water…


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Is it safe to give my dog bones from the table?

There's a can of worms. Usually bones from the table are cooked. There are some dogs who will eat them and have bits of bone go through their intestines, slice their intestines and cause horrible pain, if not death. Chicken bones are notorious for this and for this reason, we really do not advise bones from the…


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