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How do you turn something painful into something pleasant? 

You add critters, of course!

And thus you have the formula for the fabulous 12th Annual Mutt Strut. This event at the iconic Motor Speedway in Indianapolis is a much…


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Washington Post Reporter Says Veterinarians Are Too Costly, Therefore Pets Die

Earlier this week, a sizeable portion of the veterinary profession was (justifiably, in my opinion) outraged by an article in the Washington Post in which the reporter related…


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I serve high quality kibble, but ran out. What is the simplest Dinner PAWSible recipe to get me out of this pinch

Eggs and fruit. Scramble three eggs mix and some applesauce perhaps a couple of blueberries or slice of cheese and you're ready to go.

Tonight going to be crazy? Have a crockpot? Throw in a piece of meat and a bag of mixed vegetables. Cover with water, cook on low all day. Delicious beef stew!

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Insecurities Of College Students As Portrayed By Lovable Dogs

One of the most common insecurities among women has something to do with their physical appearance, from their hair color to their weight. Let’s take the funny approach on college students' insecurities as portrayed by…


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Cooking for our four-legged family, lite

Here are some tips to make things more doable for you:

When you cook for your own family just make a larger batch and set aside extra for the pets’ meal. For example, make an extra large pot roast and put back half the meat for the dog or cat food.

Pick a day a week and make enough food for the week. Freeze the food for the second half of the week so it doesn’t get gross by day six.

Hard boil a dozen eggs on the weekend and if you’re pressed for time in the morning, give…


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Dog Flu Reaches Epidemic Numbers In Chicago says CNN

CNN recently reported that more than 1000 dogs in Chicago have been diagnosed with canine flu, resulting in at least five deaths.   As dog lovers, pet owners and a veterinary clinic, this story has — obviously — been one we’ve watched carefully.  Due to the increasing demand for holistic veterinary care, we wanted to address this issue head on, to both alleviate undue fear as well as better equip our readers and patients to protect their own furry friends.

One important thing to…


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Cooking for fluffy and Fido in the real world

In the real world, most of us work long hours, many people work second jobs in order to make ends meet. The idea of having to cook for one more member of the family can be overwhelming, enough that pet owners can just throw up their hands and say, “Forget it, I’ll take my chances.” In the new edition of Dinner PAWsible, a cookbook for pets, we specifically address that issue. Personally, I…


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April is Heartworm Awareness Month...Are Your Pets Protected?

If recent headlines are any indication, pet owners are probably "hyper aware" that a fairly new dog disease is causing some concerns.   A severe Canine Influenza outbreak is currently affecting the Chicagoland area and, to date, 5 dogs have died with about 1000 cases positively confirmed.  Naturally, worried pet lovers are asking veterinarians for advice.  …


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10 Reasons to Pet a Dog

Can you add anything to this list?

Petting a puppy is a fun thing to do …


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FETCH....Poofume for dogs

Silly and funny "commercial" for FETCH

FETCH, Poofume for…


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Another way dogs help us

I found a great article on how dogs can help help us humans.

Do you know anyone that has a dog like this?



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We've got it all, the best pet and critter news you'll ever experience!

This weekend on the NEW Pet Pals'll meet the sweetest Mastiff/Boxer doggie in the world. His name is Dempsey…


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The “Food Talk”

If you’ve been to my clinic for an appointment or we’ve shared a virtual phone consult, you’ve most likely heard my “food talk.” In fact, for a while, new clients would come in expecting to receive the “food talk;”…


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Gentle Ben and Blanket the Cat

Some terrific NEW stories to share with you.  

Social Media has made stars of some very unlikely subjects including Blanket the Cat. Blanket is just a 'funny, cute' kitty who happens to be…


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How Charlie’s heart condition was cured by nutrition

“Charlie” is a handsome 7 year old Dachshund who presented last fall for sneezing blood and not acting like his normal perky self.  His temperature was normal, as were his x-rays and his bloodwork, but his eyes were a…


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Welcome LEO'S PET CARE to Carmel and Indianapolis!

Leo's Pet Care is a new full-service veterinary clinic owned and operated by Dr. Greg Magnusson.

Vaccines, Spay/Neuter, Dentals, you name it, he probably does it!

Dr. Magnusson has lived and practiced in the Carmel Indianapolis area for 10 years, and has now ventured out on his own!

Show your support for this local business, and call "LPC" today!

Leo's Pet Care - Indianapolis…


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Leo's Pet Care expanding services to Carmel

Leo's Pet Care veterinary clinic will soon be serving the cats and dogs of Carmel, Indiana!

Dr. Greg Magnusson has been serving Indianapolis at Leo's Pet Care in Indianapolis since 2010, and will soon be opening a second location at 828 West Main Street, near the intersection of Guilford and Main Street in Carmel.

Leo's Pet Care - Carmel will…


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Got a great new show for you this weekend..!

Paul Poteet goes to the library with…


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What are the dangers of kibble?

We all know the positive side of kibble, dry pet food: it is amazingly convenient and has a long storage life. Many dry foods have a shelf life of years. We also know these foods are balanced to meet a certain level of…


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When is the wrong time to seek alternative medicine care?

This is an interesting question – as a holistic practitioners, our hope is that alternative care is always appropriate. However, when new clients come to alternative medicine, it needs to be for the right reason. When it’s for the right reason, everyone wins – the patient/pet gets better health, the…


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