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Bordetella...A Misunderstood Vaccine

Whether you refer to it as “kennel cough” or more properly, “infectious tracheobronchitis”, many people are unaware of how common this illness really is. In fact, many pet owners often refuse to vaccinate their dogs for this disease. So, how can a Bordetella vaccine be helpful even if your pet is never…


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Is A Grain Free Diet Right for Your Pet?

As many of you know from discussions with me, I enjoy talking about our pets' nutritional needs and how we can best provide for them.   I know that not everyone will agree on what they think is the "BEST" type of food, but I think we can all agree that we should be very careful and not be taken in by…


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Even Better!

We had so many requests, especially for the Beacon of Hope story about helping pets in households of domestic violence, that…


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Dog Day Afternoon Featuring Woofstock Event (Humane Society of Hamilton County)

Dear Animal Lovers,
Here's a fun and exciting Humane Society of Hamilton County (HSHC) event - Dog Day Afternoon Featuring Woofstock!  The event is scheduled for Saturday, August 23.  There will be dozens of pet-friendly exhibitors/vendors, kids activities, live bands throughout the day on the Woofstock Stage, delicious food and…

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Hope and Health and Happy Living!

It's a brand new show this weekend!!

 Come along with us to a Senior Living community where they WELCOME pets. Often Seniors are told they cannot bring their beloved pets to a senior environment, well not the friendly folks in this truly wonderful…


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My Fox 10 tv


YOU CAN OUR VERY OWN Heaven After Hell,(founder out of plainfield) Miranda Payne and…

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Fireworks May Not Be Fun for Your Pets...July 4th Pet Safety Tips less than a week, many of us will be enjoying a day away from work, likely cooking out with family and friends and anxiously awaiting the magnificent sky displays seen in towns all over this country.   Independence Day (July 4th) is a day that most people enjoy, but many of our…


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An Act Of Dog

Introducing an entirely NEW show this weekend, and we begin with a somber but hopeful story. 

Recently, I traveled to Louisville Ky, to interview a man who has turned his artistic talents toward awakening us to the plight of dogs euthanized in this country. His best…


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9 Tips for Taking Your Pet to a Teaching Hospital

    Our Princess Fiona has been ill for months now and no one can figure out what's wrong with her. She's been to our regular vet and a specialty…


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I've had so many people, and astonishing amount of folks, express their condolences about my Louie,( I should say OUR Louie ), that we decided to air the Louie Legacy show one more time this weekend.

I miss my sweet boy so…


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Ice Water for Dogs and the Perils of Internet Lore

In recent days, as the temperatures outside over most of the country have risen to extreme levels, the boiling points of many veterinarians and other animal lovers are also rising.   The cause of all of this furor and anger…the viral continuation of an email sent first more than 7 years ago that…


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Saying Good-bye With Dignity...Pet Hospice Care

After a rough week where we all said good-bye to a beloved member of the PetPalsTV family, we have been discussing the care senior pets need.   Patty and I also had the opportunity to talk about this particular topic on both IndyStyle and WISH TV Daybreak this past week.

In the last segment, we started to…


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Puppy adoption site

While I was waiting to be accepted for membership last week I clicked on a great site that allowed you to view puppies in the area. You could click on the ones you might be interested in and it would put them at the bottom of the page to view later, or add more to the list. Is anyone familiar with this site? I can't find it again and even looked through my history. Thanks for any info.

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Social Media for PETS!

It's like Instagram just for pets!

How cool and…


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Louie's Legacy

Louie is gone, but his memory continues. Riddled with cancer and a myriad of other age related health issues, I had to help him cross to the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday June 8th.

 I have never felt such a loss, such a…


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Your Best Friend is Getting Older....Now What?

As we spent some time this week saying good-bye to our good friend, Louie, I realized that many people are concerned about their four-legged companions as those dogs and cats age from adult to senior or even geriatric.  Although the tips that follow here are just a small portion of what you can do to help your older…


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Louie Spitler the show's beloved Bernese Mountain dog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Louie, the light of my life is gone. He enjoyed a memorable life and a gentle passing. My heart will always remember the most special soul. Thank you for caring for this remarkable dog who made the world a little better...and saved my life everyday. I…


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 Enjoy your trip to the International Orangutan Exhibit in Indianapolis with us one more time! Learn how these great apes live, what we can do to help this endangered species in the wild, and find out more about the ones who are in the Zoo. They help us learn more about…


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Lessons We can Learn from Our Pet Dog

We humans assume that we hold the key to all knowledge to make our lives much simpler and happier, searching for all the answers to our problems in material stuff. What we forget is that there are things beyond the material layer where the real happiness and real contentment lies. Living in the artificial layer for too long has made us forgetful of the right spirit to live. But you can find that essence of life right in your home, in the lifestyle of your adorable pet dog. Dogs have even…


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Going Ape!!!

 It's ANOTHER must see show!

 This one is all about the Orangutans at the Zoo...and it's a world class affair.

The Simon Skjodt INTERNATIONAL Orangutan Exhibit IS OPENING THIS WEEKEND In Indianapolis. Touted as the biggest and best Orangutan Exhibit in the…


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