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Yup, I am a new Momma. In this edition of Pet Pals TV you'll meet the newest edition to my family, Stewie ( full name Stuart, but I wanted a little softer version, plus I know I'll slip up and call him 'Louie' from time to time, so this is a close…


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Cyber-bullying in the Veterinary World

Stories of cyber-bullying are common headlines these days ... news desks broadcast both features of tragic situations as well as measures students, teachers, counselors and parents can take to prevent such abuse.  Sadly, the veterinary world was rocked by this tactic recently.  What's…


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Your holistic options: August 30, 2015 is national holistic pet day

For this reason, we’ve spent August discussing the role holistic veterinary medicine can play in your pet’s healthy life.

There are many holistic treatments available. Today, I’d like to share two of examples of why holistic…


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We got ya covered this weekend..with another new Pet Pals TV...and we have everything from fun to serious subjects on tap for…


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Important considerations when your desire is a holistic health experience for your dog

Choosing a holistic lifestyle for any member of your family comes with decisions and responsibilities. However, if you prefer a holistic approach for yourself, it makes sense to take the same approach for your dog. Because…


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Training myth: a wagging tail is a sign that all is well with my dog or cat

Behavior is a difficult thing to read in some pets – a wagging tail can be a sign of happiness or it can be a sign telling you to “watch out.” More goes into body language than just a tail wag.

In cats, wagging tails can actually be predatory behavior. Observe your cat when she’s stalking a toy – the tail will slowly move from side to side. Some cats will flick the tips of their tails when…


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Pretty in Pink

Seems girls looks extra special in pink, especially this girl, know as the Princess of Beverly Hills. On a recent trip to Hollywood I caught up with this special canine celebrity and visited her at her home. Not only is she gorgeous, she has a message and a mission for…


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What is the biggest myth about pet food: AAFCO approved means it’s good for your pet.

Most readers of this blog will look at the package of their pet food and will see the words “meets AAFCO standards.”  It is very common for people to think that means the food is healthy for their dogs and cats. It is shocking to find out pet food is just a means of disposing of feed ingredients that are not acceptable for humans to eat – rather than just throwing it out.

Here’s a prime example: not one…


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Everytime I take Mabel out, someone asks me, 'What is she?" 

I laugh, and call my little doggie my 'hot mess Mabel', and say " She's just a mutt."

But I've always wanted to know, what's her heritage? It…


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My cat is FIV positive. What can I do to help her live a long life?

FIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, is a virus in cats that is similar to human HIV. Usually, cats are infected early in life but don’t become clinically sick for years; these cats are usually diagnosed by routine…


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Movie Mania Max!

Come along with us as we journey to Hollywood and the premiere of the highly anticipated movie 'Max', about a Military Working Dog in Afghanistan.

I'll talk to some of the human stars, and a couple of the dog stars too ( yes, there is more than one Max!). It was a…


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I have an older dog who has recently become very cranky. She is normally such a sweet dog, it’s not like her to snap at the family. What could be going on?

Anytime there is a behavior change in our dogs, or cats, it’s a signal that there’s a problem going on. Because they don’t have little red lights telling us where the problem is we have to try to figure it out, and they have to try…


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HELP Crate's Critters, Alt103.3, Noah's Animal Hospitals and Speck's Pet supplies raise money for Humane Societies

alt 103.3 personality Crate is going to the dogs!! Crate and Alt 1033 along with Speck's Pet Supplies, Noah's Animal Hospital are raising money for animal care for Hendricks County Humane Society and Humane Society for Hamilton County . Crate is living in a dog crate at Speck's Pet Supplies, 2230 Stafford…


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Dogs, Cats and ... A Raccoon??!?


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My new kitten has bloody diarrhea – what could it be?

The answer depends on what has already been done.

Has your kitten been dewormed? If not, you might get that done with a dewormer that gets hook, whip, and round worms. Most dewormers at the pet store only deworm against…


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He's a big, fluffy, blonde, ball of fur with a huge black tongue and a look of love in his eyes. 

Meet Chewbacca, a rescue from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. Crissy Grey spotted him there...matted with wounds and infections,…


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Help I locked my keys in the car and my dog is in there! What do I do?

Act quickly! Especially as the days get warmer and longer. Call the locksmith. While you’re waiting, put a tarp over your car and see if you can get water to hose the car off to keep it cool. If you have to, break the…


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If you feel your pet has ingested something that is causing a reaction, (body tremors, excessive panting) will giving them activated charcoal help?

It really depends on what has been eaten. First, a bit of Digestion 101. The gall bladder helps digest fats, but it also is a way for toxins to leave the body. So, part of the toxins going out through the bile are involved in fat digestion and absorption. This means the toxic products can come back into the…


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An unusual eye health condition cured through diet: Pannus

Pannus is when a film or dark coloring grows across the surface of the eye, the cornea. This condition happens in dogs, especially German Shepherds, but really any breed. Typical treatment uses several…


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