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Even Better!

We had so many requests, especially for the Beacon of Hope story about helping pets in households of domestic violence, that…


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An Act Of Dog

Introducing an entirely NEW show this weekend, and we begin with a somber but hopeful story. 

Recently, I traveled to Louisville Ky, to interview a man who has turned his artistic talents toward awakening us to the plight of dogs euthanized in this country. His best…


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I've had so many people, and astonishing amount of folks, express their condolences about my Louie,( I should say OUR Louie ), that we decided to air the Louie Legacy show one more time this weekend.

I miss my sweet boy so…


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Louie's Legacy

Louie is gone, but his memory continues. Riddled with cancer and a myriad of other age related health issues, I had to help him cross to the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday June 8th.

 I have never felt such a loss, such a…


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Louie Spitler the show's beloved Bernese Mountain dog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Louie, the light of my life is gone. He enjoyed a memorable life and a gentle passing. My heart will always remember the most special soul. Thank you for caring for this remarkable dog who made the world a little better...and saved my life everyday. I…


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 Enjoy your trip to the International Orangutan Exhibit in Indianapolis with us one more time! Learn how these great apes live, what we can do to help this endangered species in the wild, and find out more about the ones who are in the Zoo. They help us learn more about…


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Going Ape!!!

 It's ANOTHER must see show!

 This one is all about the Orangutans at the Zoo...and it's a world class affair.

The Simon Skjodt INTERNATIONAL Orangutan Exhibit IS OPENING THIS WEEKEND In Indianapolis. Touted as the biggest and best Orangutan Exhibit in the…


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We've got all kinds of 'moving' stories for you this weekend!

 First up, Simon Pagenaud, the winner of the Grand Prix of Indianapolis talks about his love of dogs! This adorable driver is a huge animal lover and you can hear his commitment and message…


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Mutt Strut Stuff!!!


The Greatest Spectacle in Dog Walking just celebrated their 11th annual Mutt Strut, and oh what a day it was!


Come on along and join us for our TV show dedicated to this amazing fundraising event for IndyHumane...attracting people from everywhere, some 10 thousand…


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Beautiful Butterflies. Watch them in action and at rest.…


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Unusual Pets - Seasonal Stories

 Have you got a little Spring in your step these days, due to nicer weather and warmer temps, and yes, it's the season for Easter critters to take center stage.…


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Morgan Freeman, Lemurs and Hollywood

What do Morgan Freeman, Lemurs and Hollywood all have in common? If you said 'movie', you are a winner, my friend!

Last week, I was fortunate enough to travel to LA and interview the hardest working man in show business ( yes, he is) Morgan Freeman. Morgan and I go back many…


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The First Dog To Be Part of The Indy 500?

You may see a furry face around the track at this year's Indianapolis 500!    Find out how one woman's trying to get her search and rescue dog a taste of trackside stardom!

It's just one of the stories you'll on this weekend's encore edition of Pet Pals TV!

 Joy Hernandez has…


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How Much Preventive Care Does My Pet Really Need?

Most mornings I wake up and peruse my Google Alerts and other news feeds, looking for great animal stories that I can share with my members of the Veterinary News Network (VNN), the American Society of Veterinary…


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Stray Dog Wanders Onto Baseball Field - Becomes Team's Mascot!

It's a big day for Hank the dog, the stray who became an unofficial mascot of the Milwaukee Brewers when he wandered into the team's spring training facility in Arizona. The Brewers have decided that Hank, because he is such a good doggie, will be…


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North to Alaska!

  Not often you can say, " I just took the trip of a lifetime", but now I can say that. in fact, the whole Pet Pals TV crew enjoyed an amazing adventure in Alaska, thanks to Classic Escapes, and I know none of us will ever forget this incredible experience.…


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As Fresh As The Fallen Snow!

Yup, gonna be another great weekend to stay inside and smile. And I'm gonna make you smile, oh yes I am, with a new Pet Pals TV show!

Meet the Sisters of Savings, the Hare Chevrolet sisters. They are HUGE pet/dog lovers and they share some intimate family…


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Our Journey

As we prepare for our journey to Alaska for Pet Pals TV, a thought or two about what we do and who we are. We are a unique, independent, expanding National TV show. But because our show centers on animals there may be very strong emotions attached to certain agendas. We try to be…


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Raising Dough for Dogs ... and kitties, too!

Hello everyone, 

My 10-year-old daughter Naomi is working on a special project that I would like to share with everyone.…


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Da Plane, Da Plane!

  New show with great new stories..including a trip to California to visit with a program called Air Hollywood! This 'interior plane set' simulates the real -thing for dogs who need to accompany their owners on airplane rides. By replicating the plane setting, seating, and even turbulence, Service Dogs…


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