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Vegetarian Diets for Dogs and Cats?

One of the reasons that I really enjoy working with Patty Spitler so much is that she ALWAYS has an interesting idea for a pet related segment/story.  In the past couple of weeks, Patty had posted a question on her Facebook page asking folks who are vegetarian/vegan what they fed their pets.  This, of course, led to…


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How Much Preventive Care Does My Pet Really Need?

Most mornings I wake up and peruse my Google Alerts and other news feeds, looking for great animal stories that I can share with my members of the Veterinary News Network (VNN), the American Society of Veterinary…


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Pets Need Dental Care Too!

So, I just finished watching our most recent episode of PetPals TV when it occurred to me that our video about dental disease in pets was nice, but is it really enough?   Shouldn't we also provide a written version for our readers/viewers to peruse over and digest more leisurely?   In that spirit,…


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Saying Good-bye to a Hero

When the news headlines talk about a law enforcement officer, member of the military or first responder who loses their life protecting others, all of us seem to pause and reflect upon the fragility of life.  In the same way, thousands, if not millions of people are remembering a law enforcement…


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Walk a Dog for a Shelter

Shelter animals don't get much one on one time and sometimes they get very little exercise.  The Muncie Animal Shelter has volunteers that come on Saturdays and walk shelter dogs so that they get some human interaction and a nice walk.  Sometimes we talk about how we wish there was something we could do to help the shelters when we don't have any money.  Here's our chance.  Our own pets need walks, but these dogs NEED walks.  It might be their only chance this week!  So,…


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Splish Splash They aren't Taking a Bath - Pets and Water Safety

As the temperatures and humidity rise, summer brings some additional pet worries.  This is especially true if you have a pool or pond on your property.  It can also be true if you take your pet out in your boat.  No matter what connection your pet has to water, prevent an accidental drowning by taking a few…


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Summer Time Issues for our Pets

Each year, school kids anxiously look forward to the last days of school, eager to be away from the responsibility of homework…


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Bathing do's and don’ts

Fun subject! Even my daughter likes to bathe the pooches. Most dogs love baths, most cats don’t – there are always exceptions. Do use lukewarm water, do use natural shampoo, do have plenty of towels and prepare for lots of water mess. So, a few pointers:

Use a natural shampoo, no oatmeal ingredients – try my Vintage Doggie Spa, citrus shampoo to cut the grease. Dilute a large blop of shampoo in a 16oz bottle of warm water.…


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My dog was potty trained, but now started having accidents -- right in front of us. What's happening?

First question: does your dog do it in her sleep or is it normal squat and pee? If it’s in her sleep, it’s associated with female dogs being spayed – these dogs can be helped with weight control, exercise and chiropractic. For some dogs/owners, medication is also an option. For these dogs, the nerves to the bladder aren’t receiving full information that says “hold the pee!” If it’s a dog squatting right in front of you, you are getting a message loud and clear that there is a problem –…


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Cool off the dog days of summer at the PAWS 9th annual Pool Party

Everybody in the pool!   On Saturday, August 18, Partners for Animal Welfare Society is hosting its 9th Annual PAWS Pool Party and Dog Dive Contest at Riley Park Pool, 300 Apple Street, Greenfield

The Dog Dive Contest begins at 10:00 am.  There is a $10 registration fee per team,  Medals and prizes will be awarded to the three dogs with the longest dives. …


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Watch: Dogs Sniff Out Diabetes at Eli LIlly

Dogs are known as a man's best friend, but for diabetics they are proven life savers.

A joint partnership between the Indianapolis Canine Assistant Network and Eli Lilly is training dogs to detect low blood sugar attacks in diabetics, according to a story from WISH-TV in Indianapolis.

One of those dogs, a 2-year-old black lab named Pete, can smell out a when a diabetic's blood sugar gets really low. …


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Can you help?

This year, the Indiana Canine Assistant Network ( is celebrating their 10thAnniversary in unleashing abilities and changing lives.  For ten years, ICAN has brought together people with disabilities, dogs and inmates with the purpose of training service dogs…


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Correcting buildup on dogs' teeth

"My vet says my dog has a lot of build up on his teeth.  Is there something I can do at home to start correcting this?"

I love questions that take me back to my favorite thing – good food. First,  if the buildup has started, you need to get them professionally cleaned to start fresh. There are many products available to remove tartar at home - the one's I've seen are nasty chemicals they drink in the water :(

But, moving forward, no more dry  food. (It is a common fallacy that…


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What is the "L" in DHLPPC? Vaccinating dogs can protect swimmers

What is the “L” in DHLPPC?

By Dr. Anndrea Hatcher

Olive Branch Parke Veterinary Clinic

You know that string of letters that represents one of the shots that your dog needs to get? The “L” stands for leptospirosis. Sometimes biology and medicine create such lovely words. My dad, an aquatic biologist, wanted to name me Spirogyra after a filamentous green algae. Wow. I wonder if then everyone would have to…


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Big News! Pet Pals TV welcomes more stations to the family!

Pet Pals TV is "paws"-itively excited to announce a major expansion.

Beginning July 1st, Pet Pals TV adds NBC affiliate WDTN-TV in Dayton, Ohio to it's growing list of stations.   Viewers in the Miami Valley can tune in each Sunday morning at 5:30am.   Hosts Patty Spitler, Paul…


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My dog licks the furniture constantly. What is this about?

Oh no! It’s very possible the poor guy has a tummyache. Maybe his prepared kibble is giving him some acid reflux? But, it could also be a hiatal hernia, which is a weakness of the diaphragm that allows a bubble from the stomach to come up into the chest cavity.

Humans with this have GERD – gastroesophageal reflux disease -- and are often given antacids, which have been linked to…


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ICAN to participate in 9th annual Walking for Dreams

Indianapolis, IN—Indiana Canine Assistant Network (ICAN), a nonprofit service dog assistance organization, will participate in the 9th annual Walking for Dreams 5k family and pet walk on Sunday, June 3 at 2:00 p.m. on the canal in downtown Indianapolis. Registration begins at 1:00 p.m. at Buggs Temple, located at 337 West 11th Street.

More than 40 nonprofits participate in the yearly walk that benefits local Indianapolis organizations. Teams can set their…


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Fundraising for rescues

I'm not a salesperson -- I am a dog lover and a nurse.  I have -- as you all have -- spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars over the years on rescue.  I am harrassing you all again because I found something that WORKS with fundraising.  I am not the type of person to keep asking people who aren't interested.... I figure if folks are interested, they will let me know! 

I'm asking again for all of us to come together to fundraise.  I've put together a website: …


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Your Dog isn't Winking at You Because he Likes You

By Dr. Anndrea Hatcher

Olive Branch Parke Veterinary Clinic

….. although if he manages to wolf whistle, you might have to wonder. Sorry, but eye disease just lens itself to low brow humor. As a pupil in veterinary school, I thought ophthalmology had such interesting sounding terminology, but I’ll try to stay focused on the topic at hand. (You just have to keep a sense of vitreous…


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Misty Eyes' First Rescue Is A Survivor


This is Adam, he is Misty Eyes Dog Shelter & Learning Center's first official rescue.  Adam is a young fellow and didn't get off to a very good start in life.  With his friendly and lovable personality you would never know the sadness and hardship he has already experienced.  Adam spent his life…


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