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The Hot List: Ingredients and Chemicals that Make “Itchy Dogs” More Itchy!

An itchy dog is a miserable dog, and a miserable dog means concerned pet parents.  In this article, I’ll cover some common household items that may be contributing to your itchy dog.

Typically, three broad categories of…


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Mushroom Toxicity in Dogs

A recent story involving celebrity action star, Duane “The Rock” Johnson has been shared throughout social media. Mr. Johnson is seen holding a French Bulldog, his pet named “Brutus” in an animal hospital setting. Sadly, “Brutus” was euthanized after eating mushrooms…


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All of a sudden my dog can’t stand up. What do I do?!

Regardless of your dog’s age, or the cause, this is a medical emergency.

The causes can range from infection, to trauma, to disc disease. If your dog’s breed is one that is predisposed to a slipped disc, time is of the…


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Cyber-bullying in the Veterinary World

Stories of cyber-bullying are common headlines these days ... news desks broadcast both features of tragic situations as well as measures students, teachers, counselors and parents can take to prevent such abuse.  Sadly, the veterinary world was rocked by this tactic recently.  What's…


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Important considerations when your desire is a holistic health experience for your dog

Choosing a holistic lifestyle for any member of your family comes with decisions and responsibilities. However, if you prefer a holistic approach for yourself, it makes sense to take the same approach for your dog. Because…


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Training myth: a wagging tail is a sign that all is well with my dog or cat

Behavior is a difficult thing to read in some pets – a wagging tail can be a sign of happiness or it can be a sign telling you to “watch out.” More goes into body language than just a tail wag.

In cats, wagging tails can actually be predatory behavior. Observe your cat when she’s stalking a toy – the tail will slowly move from side to side. Some cats will flick the tips of their tails when…


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HELP Crate's Critters, Alt103.3, Noah's Animal Hospitals and Speck's Pet supplies raise money for Humane Societies

alt 103.3 personality Crate is going to the dogs!! Crate and Alt 1033 along with Speck's Pet Supplies, Noah's Animal Hospital are raising money for animal care for Hendricks County Humane Society and Humane Society for Hamilton County . Crate is living in a dog crate at Speck's Pet Supplies, 2230 Stafford…


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Washington Post Reporter Says Veterinarians Are Too Costly, Therefore Pets Die

Earlier this week, a sizeable portion of the veterinary profession was (justifiably, in my opinion) outraged by an article in the Washington Post in which the reporter related…


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Cooking for fluffy and Fido in the real world

In the real world, most of us work long hours, many people work second jobs in order to make ends meet. The idea of having to cook for one more member of the family can be overwhelming, enough that pet owners can just throw up their hands and say, “Forget it, I’ll take my chances.” In the new edition of Dinner PAWsible, a cookbook for pets, we specifically address that issue. Personally, I…


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April is Heartworm Awareness Month...Are Your Pets Protected?

If recent headlines are any indication, pet owners are probably "hyper aware" that a fairly new dog disease is causing some concerns.   A severe Canine Influenza outbreak is currently affecting the Chicagoland area and, to date, 5 dogs have died with about 1000 cases positively confirmed.  Naturally, worried pet lovers are asking veterinarians for advice.  …


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Special Pets May Need Special Vets!

This past weekend, I was honored to be part of a PetPalsTV episode that put a spotlight on veterinary specialists.  We had our production crew over at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care on the southside of Indianapolis and saw some…


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It's That Time of Year! Time to FLIP Your Pet's LIP!

Every February, the veterinary community observes National Pet Dental Health Month.  This is when veterinarians have historically taken a little extra time to focus on client…


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New Year's Resolutions ... for Pets and Pet Owners!

It's that time of year again...most of us are going to do our darndest to make, and keep, resolutions designed to help us lose weight, learn something new, save money or even look our best for the coming year.   So, why not enlist the HELP of your pets in keeping these New Year's promises??



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Halloween and Our Pets...Spooky Fun or Scary Dangers?

In a little less than 48 hours from now, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of kids will take to their neighborhoods in a wide variety of costumes, all in a quest for miniature chocolate bars, lollipops and other sweet candies.   "Trick or Treat" night is an annual celebration rooted in antiquity and a…


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Leptospirosis - An Old Disease Causing New Issues

If you are a fan of social media, you know that it's often hard to believe some of the posts, especially those that involve our four legged friends.   In the last few days, a story out of…


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Veterinary Technicians - Trusted Partners for Your Pet's Care

Each year, veterinary technicians and assistants are celebrated as important members of the healthcare team for your pet.   This year, National Veterinary Technicians Week is Oct 12th through the 18th.  What exactly do these vital individuals do?

We all know that your pet’s doctor will often ask one…


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Protect your pets -- and yourselves -- from rabies

Here in North America, we are pretty lucky.  Not only do we humans have access to some pretty amazing medical care, but so do our pets.   We also have been able to almost eliminate a deadly killer from our midst...

Rabies may sound like a scary disease from centuries past or even the stuff of a horror…


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Homeless cocker mix needs a new home

Posting for a friend: A 5-year-old homeless dog needs a home! His mom can no longer care for him as she is homeless too. Jordan is a non-neutered male, black and white cocker mix, current on vaccinations , good with kids and small dogs but not sure about cats. Crate trained, no medical issues. He currently is in Chicago but a relative in Indianapolis will drive there to pick him up if someone in Indy is interested. Hope someone can help this little…


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Cancer in People and Pets - Can Similarities Provide a Cure?

When it comes to the dreaded diagnosis of cancer - we all dream of an eventual cure. Believe it or not, thanks to our canine friends, that dream may not be too far away!

Finding a cure for cancer is one of science’s most challenging and elusive goals. But beyond defeating this pervasive killer, another…


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Bordetella...A Misunderstood Vaccine

Whether you refer to it as “kennel cough” or more properly, “infectious tracheobronchitis”, many people are unaware of how common this illness really is. In fact, many pet owners often refuse to vaccinate their dogs for this disease. So, how can a Bordetella vaccine be helpful even if your pet is never…


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