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The Right Time to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

From TV advertisements to email to online discussions, spaying and neutering your pet is a hot topic.  You can even find a whole series of YouTube videos featuring "Scooter The Neutered Cat" to help persuade you. Hopefully, your pet's neutering…


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Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Owners

It's that time of year again!  Everyone is out looking for great deals and the perfect presents for their loved ones . . . and that includes our furry family members!  Almost 60% of pet owners will give their four legged friends a holiday gift this season.  So, what's the "best" thing to give your…


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Pudgy Pets Pose Problems for Vets!

Statistics show that about one in four North American adults are considered obese.  But, this epidemic is not limited to our continent nor is it confined to our species.  More than half of our dogs and cats are overweight or obese.  So, should your pet start an Atkins Diet ?

Ramsey is a “cheese-aholic”.   At 6 years old and 156 lbs, this Bull Mastiff listens for his owner to…


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How To Take Care Of your Pets In 4 Ways While You’re Away

Whether you are going out for 15 minutes or for a few days, there are ways to take care of your pooch when you are away. From installing tiny cameras to automated food feeders for your pets, technology has moderately made it easy for you to watch over your pet when you are gone. Knowing the fact that you will be going away, they are most likely to be sad.

Well, here are four ways that can help you take care of your doggie, even when you’re not around.

1.   Pet…


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Itchy People and Itchy Pets

From springtime through the late fall, many people are subject to seasonal allergies.  But people are not the only ones suffering.   For our dogs and cats, these same seasons can bring intense itching and discomfort.   Yes, it seems our pets can get their own “hay fever”.

It’s a very frustrating and…


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Don't Let Fleas Get Under Your Skin (or Your Pet's Skin)!!

Fleas are truly a pet owner’s curse and worst nightmare.  Designed to survive and efficient at reproducing, these blood-sucking pests can quickly overrun house and home!  In addition to causing misery for our pets, fleas have the potential to carry serious, even deadly, diseases.

For every adult flea seen on a dog…


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Top Four Summertime Issues for Our Pets!

As the old song goes, "Summertime and the livin' is easy" . . . well, maybe for those of us who can get in the car and drive to a pool or simply stay at home in air-conditioned comfort.   Some of our furry friends might not have it quite as easy!   Here's the top four things you need to watch for when the…


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Doggie Chew Toys, Doggie Treats and the Internet That Has Gone Mad!

It never fails ... someone sees a single pet-related post on Facebook or in a blog and all of sudden, the viral nature of the…


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Keep the WHOLE Family Safe During Diasters and Severe Weather

Every year we hear concerns about “an active hurricane season” or “perfect” conditions for wildfires.  These natural disasters can devastate families, including our pets.  But, legislation, along with a national campaign to proactively prepare for disasters, has not only provided needed relief and…


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Expanding Pet Owners' Knowledge of Bloat ... Do You Know What To Do?

If there is any one word that might scare the owners of large breed dogs, that word could be "Bloat".  In just the last two weeks, we have had 2 patients at our clinic develop this condition.  Sadly, only one of them survived the ordeal. So, let's find out exactly what bloat is, what causes it and what do YOU need to know to keep your dog safe?…


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The Doggie "Flu" - What's the Latest?

In a few weeks, the one year anniversary of the emergence of a second strain of canine flu here in North America will be upon us.   So, what have we learned in the last 12 months?

First and foremost,…


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When Cancer Hits Close to Home

Canine Osteosarcoma is a horrific disease and one that can cut a beloved pet's life short.   Please take a moment and read this story from a veterinarian whose own pet developed this cancer.  This story is particularly special to me because 1) Dr. Jim is one of my mentors and a wonderful friend and 2) I was…


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'Tis the Season ... For Pets and Holiday Mishaps!

I have been involved with veterinary medicine for more than 20 years now, and for 15 of those years, I have seen, heard and experienced any number of holiday related mishaps with dogs and cats.   While it's true that the traumatic injuries (such as hit by car cases and dog fights) are not as prevalent,…


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Can Peanut Butter Pose Problems for Your Pooch?

If you have been following my blogs at all, you know that I often encourage an abundance of caution when using the Internet for finding pet healthcare advice.   While I am not changing that tune, I will let you all know that there currently is a social media meme involving dogs, peanut butter and an artificial sweetener that you DO need to read and understand.…


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Autumn and Our Pets ... How Can the Season's Change Cause Problems for Our Furry Friends?

Fall is a favored time of year for a lot of people. ...not only does the magical elixir of "Pumpkin Spice Latte" make it's reappearance, but the crispness in the air, the changing temperatures (in most areas of the country) and the beautiful changing colors of the trees makes for a wonderful season.   But,…


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6th annual Rescue Rally challenges Volunteer Animal Rescue Groups to save more Lives while earning Prize Money

Between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, every local all-volunteer animal rescue group within a 50 -ile radius of the Indianapolis area can earn much-needed funds while saving lives. Sponsored by Move to ACT, the 6th annual Rescue Rally offers a friendly competition that will award prize money to participating rescues based on the number of animals they pull from Indianapolis Animal Care & Control.

Cash prizes will be awarded for the most dogs pulled to rescue, the most cats, the most…


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Mushroom Toxicity in Dogs

A recent story involving celebrity action star, Duane “The Rock” Johnson has been shared throughout social media. Mr. Johnson is seen holding a French Bulldog, his pet named “Brutus” in an animal hospital setting. Sadly, “Brutus” was euthanized after eating mushrooms…


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Cyber-bullying in the Veterinary World

Stories of cyber-bullying are common headlines these days ... news desks broadcast both features of tragic situations as well as measures students, teachers, counselors and parents can take to prevent such abuse.  Sadly, the veterinary world was rocked by this tactic recently.  What's…


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HELP Crate's Critters, Alt103.3, Noah's Animal Hospitals and Speck's Pet supplies raise money for Humane Societies

alt 103.3 personality Crate is going to the dogs!! Crate and Alt 1033 along with Speck's Pet Supplies, Noah's Animal Hospital are raising money for animal care for Hendricks County Humane Society and Humane Society for Hamilton County . Crate is living in a dog crate at Speck's Pet Supplies, 2230 Stafford…


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