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What's New Pussycat?

Even though I grew up with dogs in the house, my father's dogs, when I became an 'adult' (of sorts) I always fancied cats. They suited my lifestyle better. For over 30 years in mainstream media broadcasting, I was always traveling. Even when I was in town, 12 hour days were not uncommon. A cat can abide by those hours, after all they sleep nearly 20 hours a day! So I'd have someone peek in on them while I was working to check on food water and…


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More Reasons Why We Love Them

I came home tonight after a grueling yet productive day and realized I had some clothes strewn on the floor upstairs, and there was some paper left on the floor in the den from something I had written and discarded, and 2 water bottles in another room in the corner.

Why am I admitting that I had a 'sloppy' day?

To illustrate a point...Louie, my Berner, doesn't care a whit. (Neither do the 4 kitties!)

Dogs and cats don't mind if you are messy, in fact,…


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Tom Dock's Blog

The Right Time to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

From TV advertisements to email to online discussions, spaying and neutering your pet is a hot topic.  You can even find a whole series of YouTube videos featuring "Scooter The Neutered Cat" to help persuade you. Hopefully, your pet's neutering…

From Paul Poteet:

Indiana’s Weather For Sunday

Indy missed the record high by two degrees yesterday. TWO?! Seemed record-breaking-worthy to me and the rest of the world that seemed to be outside at the same time with me. We will be within a few degrees of the […]

Know Your Breed

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