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Bad Patty, bad girl !!

  OK, OK, so it's been a busy week. I went to bed, but got up just to tell you a few things 'cause I'm feelin' shameful I didn't write my Pet Pals blog this week.

  Bad Patty...

 Make me happy, and watch Pet Pals TV this morning, Saturday 10:30am on WNDY, and I promise I'll make you happy,…


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'A' , You Say?

  The current catchphrase is , 'Meet me at the A', but this trendy little ditty doesn't even begin to cover the history of the Athenaeum in downtown Indianapolis.

 The German landmark dating back to the 19th century, is home to the energetic YMCA and the tasty Rathskeller restaurant, too.  And now, it's…


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Calling All Big Guys Who Own Small Dogs!

Guys who love nothing more than taking their pint-size pooch for a run in the park are invited to enter the Mighty Dog® "Big Guy, Small Dog" Contest.

Or, a family member or friend can enter a Big Guy on his behalf. To enter the photo/essay contest, visit…


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Do You Believe?

  Sometimes, we all need a little faith... a little belief that things will get better...a little trusting that there is more than meets the eye.

 Marilene Isaacs believes. She says she has an intuitive insight into people..and pets! And she's been spreading her healing help for over 40 years.



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Now That's Italian!

  Who doesn't love the Milano Inn!

 We've all enjoyed this fine tradition of Indianapolis dining since 1934...but let's revisit this restaurant, with a new perspective..

 Bottom line, owners Tina and Gina LaGrotte, who inherited the restaurant from their parents, LOVE pets...especially dogs, and they…


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Chasing my Tail !

 Meaning, yup, busy..and that's a good thing!

 However,  I want to 'nudge' you, as we say in computer-land, to watch today's Pet Pals TV show.

 Great stuff, including a visit with some of the inspiring folks who made the incredible documentary 'Born to be Wild', in 3D. WOW!

 Not only is the visual aspect of this film mind boggling but the subject matter is fantastic. Meet some individuals who are trying to raise and then release orphaned baby elephants and orangutans…


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Pit Parade- A-Bull

  I love a parade!

 I mean what's not to love?

 People smiling and pit bulls wearing cute costumes. Oh yes indeedy! …


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Tom Dock's Blog

Pudgy Pets Pose Problems for Vets!

Statistics show that about one in four North American adults are considered obese.  But, this epidemic is not limited to our continent nor is it confined to our species.  More than half of our dogs and cats are overweight or obese.  So, should your pet start an Atkins Diet ?

Ramsey is a “cheese-aholic”.   At 6 years old and 156 lbs, this Bull Mastiff listens for his owner to…

From Paul Poteet:

Indiana’s Weather For Monday

Happy first-of-the-week. Look at those wind chills by the end-of-the-week! (Click images to enlarge.) SUNDAY SNOW Still nothing measureable at Indy for this season. By this point last year we’d had 1.9 inches, which is about average. We may get […]

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