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The Race Is On!

...Yes, the race is on..and by that, I mean the 'race' to watch the next Pet Pals TV show..( oh yeah, there's a little race happening out at the IMS, too, I hear this weekend...)

 In any event, please make sure to sit and stay and watch this PPTV show cause..well, it's a doggone good one.…


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This is Gonna be Big!

  The Great Pyrenees! Wow, what a dog! beautiful with a  rich history dating back some 7 thousand years!

 Certainly, a dog to be treasured and cherished..but sadly, many are surrendered to shelters and rescues.

Why ?

 "He barks too much."

" Can't train him to obey me."

 "Dog  just…


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Gentle Giants on the next Pet Pals TV on WNDY-TV

·These gentle giants boast a rich and majestic history, yet many are sadly abused and neglected. We'll examine the plight of the Great Pyrenees!

·Canyon has autism and is non verbal. But a new 'friend' may help him out…


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Wow, as in Bow Wow....!

  Yep, the weekend is almost here, and that means...Pet Pals TV is right around the corner!

 This Saturday you'll enjoy Daniel Miller and his duckling adventure. He may have an Emmy on his shelf, but we at Pet Pals decided he needed a Duck Trophy, too. So in honor of his heroic saving of 12 little…


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Louie and Gatsby Don't Get Along! (video)

Gatsby, Andi's dog...does not like Louie, Patty's dog, intruding on the IndyStyle set. And Gatsby let's Louie know, in no uncertain terms, that it's HIS territory! Now, Andi and Patty would like nothing better than to have the two dogs sit side by side on Thursday's Pet…


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39 years old! She may be the oldest cat in the world.

What's her secret? It must be something in the Fancy Feast. 

Lucy, from Llanelli, South Wales, is a proud Gen X'er – in her time, she's lived through eight prime ministers, a handful of wars, and the rise of the technological generation. But the years take a toll, and at 39 years…


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A Wet Dog is a Happy Dog!

 For the 8th Annual Mutt Strut at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway last Sunday, it was wet...again.

 Rain, and drippy, and drizzle, and soaking, and spritzing and, get the picture. A blah day for humans. BUT, a super-fine day for doggies!

 Last year it rained, too. But that was a freezing…


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Tom Dock's Blog

Over The Counter Flea Medications and The Risk to Your Pets

Fleas, ticks and heartworms, as well as intestinal parasites, are medical problems that should have…

From Paul Poteet:

WATCH: This Week’s Hail Pregame Show

Indiana’s under a slight risk for severe weather Tuesday night. That’s covered in the latest “Hail Pregame Show” that I produce for Interactive Hail Maps. Give it a spin.

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