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Sending Out a Thank You Note

Just the day after 'thank you' for letting us into your home with PPTV this weekend. Hope you enjoyed the Governor and his love for his bearded collie the Butler Bulldog Beauty Contest.
We have so many stories to share, and we're growing. Remember we used to appear on TV only MONTHLY so weekly is 4 times better to see new stories and revisit some…

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Bulldog Beauties, You Betcha!

It seems Indiana loves Bulldogs! With Blue 2 the official Mascot of the Butler basketball team, I guess it's only fitting.

And ya gotta admit, there is something...quirky yet compelling about Bulldogs. They are so strong yet odd, so kissable yet funny. They grunt and snort...wobble when they walk, and seem supremely confident in their wrinkled skin.

So this past Saturday, I happily attended the 10th annual Butler Bulldog Beauty Contest. Whoa…

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We've Got Faith!!!

Many of you, as pet lovers, probably already know who she is...Faith, the Two Legged Dog. This 8 year old lab mix is a worldwide sensation on the net...don't believe me? Just google 'Faith Two legged Dog'. ( matter of fact, she was on Oprah just 2 weeks ago!!)

But what you probably DON'T know is that Faith belongs to Indiana now ! her owners live here as of about a month ago, so we can call Faith a Hoosier.

I met her. I am…

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PetPals TV needs a Volunteer Coordinator

I f you like to attend pet-friendly events and meet new "pet parents", we have a great opportunity for you.

Pet Pals TV needs a Volunteer Coordinator. This person would help decorate and staff our booths at selected events, give away souvenirs and sign up new members to our free website.

The person would also coordinate a group of volunteers to staff the booths as well. This is a volunteer position and would…


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Hot Dogs!

Well in fact, we were all kinda toasty this past Saturday, October 9th with temps in the mid 80's and high humidity. But weather notwithstanding, every man, woman and wiener was poised to have a good time.

After near 40 years in broadcasting ( yikes!) , radio and TV, I thought I had done everything.

I've been in a donkey baseball game ( getting on the ass is the worst) , Mistress of Ceremonies for an oyster eat-off ( pretty repulsive event) and been the object of… Continue

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Pooped but Happy!

Thanks for watching our premiere episode of PPTV on WNDY this morning..It was good, wasn't it? I know, I am just so proud and happy to be expanding ! It's not often you hear a middle aged woman like myself say she's happy about expanding !!

We hope to bring you more terrific stories..please conintue to send me idea, there are so many...our mission is to save some pet lives, educate, and inform...and we are all in this together.

Thank you again, and the show will be online soon for… Continue

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This Is My Heart

Dear friends of furry ( and even not furry!) kidz,

I am so happy to share our great news of going weekly with Pet Pals TV. A year ago, we were lost and wandering...and losing hope for our little show. But now, all things beautiful are taking shape. We are gaining momentum and growing stronger and bigger....!!!!

I tell ya, I am beyond happy to be a part of this TV project...and I've met the most terrific people in the world thru this show...and now, with the…


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Just an update, the Govenrnor's office contacted me and his dog, Nigel, has been found safe and sound. So all is well...and the Gov thanks all of you who were concerned about Nigel's 'homing' instincts. he is indeed safe at home again!' Thank you !


Governor Mitch Daniels needs help finding his dog! Here's what was posted on his Facebook page Friday morning, October 1st.

"Help! Lost lifeguard!!!. My best buddy Nigel escaped this morning. He's handsome but…


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Tom Dock's Blog

The Right Time to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

From TV advertisements to email to online discussions, spaying and neutering your pet is a hot topic.  You can even find a whole series of YouTube videos featuring "Scooter The Neutered Cat" to help persuade you. Hopefully, your pet's neutering…

From Paul Poteet:

Indiana’s Weather For Friday

ONE! MORE! TIME! Indy has missed tying the record high by one degree the last two days. Highs today will soar to 70-ish. The record is 71. Today is the tenth day of 60+ weather in Indy in February, which […]

Know Your Breed

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