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Annie’s Story and why she is needing a home

Annie is a Lab/Pit mix. However, she is all Lab, with the exception of her brindle and her bark. She started her life in Seattle. She was an emotional support service animal for over two years. My ex,…


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It's Snow Time!

That's right, as we brace for some more winter weather around the country, we can celebrate...inside!! watching a great BRAND NEW Pet Pals TV show and even rejoice in the snowy weather.

 We'll take an indepth look at pesticides that MIGHT be in your flea…


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The Siberian Husky, the Iditarod, and how they both began …

Siberian huskies are first and foremost, working sled dogs. They originally came to the United States in the early 1900’s when traders saw them working in their native northeastern Siberia, and decided to import some of these amazing dogs to…


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Iditarod information

If you want to go on a trip of a lifetime with Pet Pals TV please read the below information.…


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Paying Tribute...

Last week's show, paying tribute to our beloved elder pets and those who have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, was such a HUGE hit, that we decided to air the whole show again for you. I had so many folks love the show and others who were sad they missed it.…


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YEAH !!!! IT'S GOOD TO BE #1 !!!

  Yes, in the New Year we have a lot to be thankful for, including our #1 ranking for January 4th in our time slot on WISH TV!!!

 The Saturday morning position at 5:30am, just before Daybreak News Weekend, has proved to be a wonderful location for our show.

 The Pet Pals TV show that…


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New, New, New, New!

Yup. you heard NEW ALRIGHT!

 Check out Pet Pals TV this weekend with a fabulous 'ride along' as we 'tag along' wit Mobile Mutts. This dedicated band volunteers almost every weekend to save dogs off from "death row' in some high kill Southern shelters, transporting them  to safe and…


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Pets and people and the Zoo, too!

 I gotta say, I love going to the Zoo.

 I remember when I was a kid, that was always my birthday wish, to go to the Zoo ( and then to go to dinner at Howard Johnson's and have fried clams and get a small stuffed animal from the bin at the check out…


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Holiday Classics!

With so many people traveling, and visitors in from out of town...this is a great time to share one of our very best shows.

Watch Joel Hunt, an Iraqi war veteran with PSTD talks about how his dog saved him from severe depression and trauma. And this is a shelter dog. Man and dog connected immediately, and…


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Police officer turns pound dogs into partners

Police officer turns pound dogs into partners

A Rhode Island police officer has gone the extra step in finding a canine partner, adopting dogs from the pound and training them to make an impact around the world.…


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Snow Show!

Yup, as some of us dig out from the snow and others salt our driveways and still others brace against the cold winds....I have a warm suggestion to start the weekend., Pet Pals TV!

 This weekend we feature an 'Encore Performance' of one of our…


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FIDO urges dog owners to care for their outside pets

Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside…

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Lost & Found Miracles!

Hundreds of dogs and cats were separated from their owners when tornadoes struck the Midwest last weekend.   An army of volunteers are -still- reuniting pets with their families!   On this weekend's Pet Pals TV, we'll tell you how to help the folks working to make these lost and found…


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What's fast, hot and fuzzy?

 Short answer? Josef Newgarden!

  Watch this weekend and enjoy my EXCLUSIVE interview with the young, handsome, charismatic IndyCar driver Josef Newgarden.…


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Fabulous Show , Important Information

  We got you covered this week, with another new Pet Pals TV show, starting off with Golden Retrievers.

  Many consider this breed to be an ideal pet for the family, but there can be problems, and yes, surprisingly some are surrendered. GRRACE comes to the Rescue, literally...Golden Retriever Rescue…


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Dangerous Pet Treats: An Alert for Pet Parents

What's making so many pets sick?   The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is asking pet parents to contact the agency about any pets who became ill from eating jerky treats.  So, what are the safe treats to give your pet?  …


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I love big shows , I cannot lie!

We have another 'really big shoe' ( channeling old Ed Sullivan here) for you this weekend. So let's get to it. Here are just a few of the wonderful stories we have lined up for you.

Meet Joel Hunt, a man who served and was injured in the war in Iraq. Now this Veteran is home but still reeling from his…


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'My, what big teeth you have!!'

 Oh yes, boys and girls, it's a Wolf Extravaganza for this NEW Pet Pals TV show!
 Come on along with us as we journey to the Wolf Park sanctuary in Battle Ground Indiana and visit with the 'tame' but not 'domesticated' wolves in the…

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Kitten Rescued From Car's Engine - Plus More Incredible Stories!

If you have a cat, you know kittens can find their way into tiny places.

On this weekend's Pet Pals TV, we have a story of one kitten who somehow wedged his way under the hood of a car.   Cameras are rolling as some caring witnesses and quick-thinking police officers come together to save this precious…


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OK, I LIke Big Shows and I Cannot Lie!!

Not only is our next show BIG, it's BRAND NEW!

 Our Buffy takes us on a trotting-trip to the country for some Performing Horses. Not only is this a cool sport, this particular organization enlists kids..and it helps them gain confidence and educates them about critters, so a…


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