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Homeless cocker mix needs a new home

Posting for a friend: A 5-year-old homeless dog needs a home! His mom can no longer care for him as she is homeless too. Jordan is a non-neutered male, black and white cocker mix, current on vaccinations , good with kids and small dogs but not sure about cats. Crate trained, no medical issues. He currently is in Chicago but a relative in Indianapolis will drive there to pick him up if someone in Indy is interested. Hope someone can help this little…


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Posting for a friend:

Abigail Adams (Abby) has feline leukemia and can't come home again because of our five other cats. The vet says that, other than the virus, she's very healthy but needs to be isolated from other…


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Young pooch needs a home asap

Posting for a friend:

Dog's name is Weston.  He is half black lab and half american staff pit, born 2/3/2013.  He is current on his shots but he is not neutered.  He is good with kids and other dogs but has never been around cats.  Pretty well behaved for a youngster. Owner is unable to keep him. If interested, please call or text Terri at 317-403-9339.


Weston with his mama:…


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Posting for a friend ...... please contact Julia if interested:


I have been fostering a former service dog for over four years. Her name is Annie. Sue, a friend of mine had survived an assault and after months in a safe house, she adopted Annie. Annie was her lifeline to getting back out in the…


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From 24PetWatchTeam

The Risks of Warm Weather --

How to Keep Your Pet Safe

As the weather gets warmer it is only natural for you to want to spend more time outside with your pet. Although your dog might like going for long walks, chasing the frisbee, or going for a run, these summer activities can be potentially fatal for your pet if outside for extended periods of time during the warm summer months.



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Dog interacts with Down Syndrome child (video)

Watch this yellow lab and her sweet interaction with a toddler that has Down Syndrome:



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Blind dog finds her way back home

Great story in the Indy Star today (Dec. 22) and a good reminder to microchip your pets!



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Sammy is a male tabby around 10 yrs old. Has all his shots and declawed in front. Sammy has been a companion cat to one of an elderly blind woman who is now going into a nursing home. She's so worried about him!! Please let…


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Help the animals in Southern Indiana

How awesome is this? Just got a handwritten note from Trish Roehm at Southern Indiana Animal Rescue thanking me for my donation to help the tornado pets. No one at the rescue gets a paycheck -- the money all goes to the animals. If you want to donate, visit www.sir.petfinder.com.…

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3 German Shepherds in a British Pub -- video

This is hilarious! You gotta love the bartender!



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Welcome to Nigel, a Norwich Terrier

My friends Brad & Libby tragically lost their little Norwich Terrier, Nettie, last week. But they have filled up their hearts and home with Nettie's brother, Nigel. Just wanted to share the good news!…


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Posting for a friend:

If anyone can provide Duke a home let me know. He is a 5-year-old tabby, an indoor cat, friendly, fixed and just had all his vaccinations updated. My great-aunt rescued him but is now terminally ill and had to move to a care facility.…

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Animal Hall of Fame 2012 -- check out special critters!

Story from the Huffington Post:

Every year, the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) honors the state's bravest, most compassionate and affectionate animals in its Animal Hall Of Fame awards. Past winners have included…


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Dancing with the ..... dogs

Cute video of dog doing the merengue with a human partner:



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Sweet little dog needs a new home

Posting this for a friend -- check out Bonzai's pic below:

Name: Bonzai, Bonzi-bear, Bonzi-girl, Bonz

Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog Mutt

Size: 30 lbs

Age: about 3 years (we are not completely sure)

Coloring: Brown with black spots

Coat: soft, short hair

Eyes: One eye is half-brown/half blue, the other eye is brown with blue spots- This is a…


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A plea to be responsible pet owners from a man who tragically lost his dog

My friend, Nick, recently sent me an email seeking info on shelters and rescues because he was looking for a new dog. It was a bittersweet search as he had just lost his other dog due to a savage attack on a walking trail. I'm posting his blog about the incident, which appeared on the Indystar.com website, in which Nick makes a plea to pet owners to keep their animals vaccinated and, if needed, muzzled in public.

The good news is that he has a new dog, Danny, a 1-year-old Lhasa Apso…


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Please help Winston find his favorite treat!

We have been looking everywhere for a dog treat that our Yorkie-Pom, Winston, likes. Bought them a while back at Sam's Club, which no longer carries them. They come in a bag of 8-10 pieces and look like bones with some savory bumpy coating that is yellowish. They are about 5 inches long. Of course, we didn't save the bag or we could have looked them up online. Anyone know what these are and where to get them? We don't want our little boy to have an empty Christmas…


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That's a lot of catnip cash!



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Very moving video -- long, but worth watching to the end!



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Older kitty needs a home ASAP!

Patty told me about this kitty at the Hamilton County Humane Society. If you can adopt or foster her, call 317-773-4974:


My name is CiCi, and I’m here for the saddest of reasons. You see, my owner passed away and there was no one to take me in. At 15 years old, this has been a really hard adjustment, not to mention how much I miss my owner. I am spayed and very…


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Tom Dock's Blog

The Right Time to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

From TV advertisements to email to online discussions, spaying and neutering your pet is a hot topic.  You can even find a whole series of YouTube videos featuring "Scooter The Neutered Cat" to help persuade you. Hopefully, your pet's neutering…

From Paul Poteet:

Indiana’s Weather For Friday

ONE! MORE! TIME! Indy has missed tying the record high by one degree the last two days. Highs today will soar to 70-ish. The record is 71. Today is the tenth day of 60+ weather in Indy in February, which […]

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