You might have heard, a little game called the Super Bowl is in town.
 Oh yeah, oodles of celebs in Indianapolis..and hundreds of thousands and thousands of football fans are here as well. Now, here's a good question..what is the best way to make sure all these people are safe?
 A dog's nose is on the front lines keeping us all protected!

 Come with me to visit with the IMPD bomb sniffing dogs as they demonstrate some of these specially trained canine skills. These high energy, highly motivated and incredibly accurate police pooches on patrol during the festivities will make you feel a whole lot safer. The canine nose can detect danger that hidden cameras and helicopters and high tech equipment just can't...time and again, it's been scientifically documented that a dog's nose, knows best!
 And what a grand show it is just for fun, too!
 Paul Poteet and I do some bumpy-bump stuff ( no not dancing !) as we take you on an exclusive Yellow Rose Carriage ride thru our Super Bowl City. Find out what sort of horses make the grade to become premier pullers..and yes these huge horses really do love their job!

 The only thing missing from this cool ride was my significant other...LOUIE!
He just isn't comfortable around horses...hasn't been around them much...so he rode in comfortable style with our shows still photographer, Shirley Dennis following our carriages. Car rides he loves, carriage rides not so much! 
 Funny that some folks waved at me and Paul..but a lot more waved at Louie sitting-tall, looking out the window in that Surburban back seat...he's such a parade pooch!
 So join us, this Saturday, 10:30 am WNDY, for a brand new show. It's mandatory viewing to get you geared up for the Super Bowl on Sunday. Game on, pet people!

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