OK, OK, so it's been a busy week. I went to bed, but got up just to tell you a few things 'cause I'm feelin' shameful I didn't write my Pet Pals blog this week.

  Bad Patty...

 Make me happy, and watch Pet Pals TV this morning, Saturday 10:30am on WNDY, and I promise I'll make you happy, too!

 Rupert, the most famous and most loveable 'Survivor' ever joins us in studio to talk about his scaley and slithery 'pets' PLUS he highlights his big event up North in Warsaw Indiana, sponsored by our friends at Holistic Select. You can meet him on May 21st and hear detailed and juicy insider Survivor tales! Go to www.rupertskids.org for more, and plan a 'personal' visit with the big furry guy..

 Oh, before I forget. Louie NEVER barks at humans...almost never...but when Rupert was talking to Paul in the studio and Louie and I were watching..at the end of the interivew, Rupert let out with his signature pirate roar...'Aaarrrruggghh!!!' Louie joined in and bellowed right back! it was so funny. I guess Louie speaks Pirate?? 

 Also on this terrific show is Hollywood dog trainer, formerly from Animal Planet's 'Good Dog U' program, Joel Silverman. he brought one of his dogs, Foster...and wait till you see what little Foster can do! Joel's advice to us all..take the time to know your dog, to become friends with him BEFORE you start training and correcting him...and no one training method works on all dogs. Be open to try what works best for you, and you dog's, personality!

 Now I really gotta get some sleep...ahahahah, I see Louie and 3 kitties on my bed.

 Hope there's room for me. "Roll over guys, big Momma's coming to bed now." 

 See ya on Pet Pals TV !!

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