Candle light vigil for victims of dog fighting

Indy Pit Crew and Casa del Toro will be holding a candle light vigil this Monday, November 7. They hope to raise awareness of dog fighting in Indianapolis and they want to remember the innocent victims-the dogs. If you are attending, please consider taking a donation for the dogs in foster care, some that were dog fight victims. Here's the rest of the info on the event.

This is Titus and he's available for adoption through Casa del Toro.

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Comment by Martha Piercefield on November 7, 2011 at 7:08pm
Chihuahua rescue has rescued 2 female pitbulls, that presented as strays. BOTH have happily been placed in forever homes, after being fully vetted, including microchips/spays and vaccines. We are happy to say that we are behind the rescue of all pets, regardess of breed and the pitties are a much maligned breed that are a loving and loyal sort of companion! Its a statistic that there are more people bitten by chihuahuas than bitten by pitbulls in a year! SO think of this and DO YOUR RESEARCh when thinking of the next pet companion for your family!

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