I know, you love your dog, and wouldn't it be really cool if you could take him with you everywhere, like to a restaurant? What fun! Why not just go on line and order a Service Dog Vest and ID, afterall, you're not really hurting anyone, right?


Purchasing these bogus products is bad for several reasons..including you are taking advantage of a loophole in an operation that affords people with disabilities a special privilege .

A highly trained Service Dog completes a task for a human. They are necessary for the handler. They are not pets, per say, they are partners. 

It's a complex issue and we'll uncover some more information that we hope you will share with your friends as well. Dr Sally Irvin, ICAN,(Indiana Canine Assistance Network)  is also a board member on the International Board of Assistance Dogs committee. Join us as we delve into this complex issue. As Dr Sally says, 'just because you can do something, doesn't make it right'.  

Paul Poteet has a great story about a man who will dog-sit your pooch and he gives that do-sitting money back to shelters and rescues.

We'll also go to San Diego and find a Marine who's been reunited with his best buddy who is also a Working Dog.  This story comes to us courtesy of KGTV, ABC 10.

You'll see a Beagle who showers a human baby with toys...this story all the way from Ireland!

Grumpy Cat is a part of our show this week, too, as we catch up with the world's Most Popular Feline

Looks like we have it all, just for you. 

You'll smile ( maybe we can even make Grumpy Cat smile???)

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Comment by Kathy Janes on August 10, 2014 at 5:45pm

Thanks for increasing awareness of "service dog" abuse!  Their work is very important and their owners/partners deserve privacy and freedom.  The work that goes into training these dogs takes years!

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