Her Name is Sweetie

 She was hit by a car, so hard, part of the bumper was still in the street. It was cold and rainy January night...and she sat in the middle of the street. She couldn't move. Both hips were broken, and so was an ankle. Her life seemed destined to have a horrible ending.

 But...she is alive today!
 This is the journey of one dog, who beat impossible odds to become a media sensation.

  Through it all, through unimaginable pain, she never growled, snarled, bit or showed her teeth. She knew angels were helping her. So sweet. So she was named Sweetie.

 In the coming weeks and months, we will tell her story...from Stray to Superstar!

 This is the tale of one brave dog and the wonderful people who stepped up again and again, against all odds, to help one dog.
 See the love and gratitude in Sweetie's face.

 Help her heal, as she learns to walk, and now faces heartworm treatment.

 You can't save them all, but you can help save Sweetie...and be a part of her incredible story.

  Circle City Chiropractic is having a special on new and existing patient exams for a donation to the HSHC...or you can contribute directly to HSHC...or you can stop by any 5/3 Bank and make a deposit in the account called, 'For the Benefit of Sweetie's Rescue'.

 Sweetie will touch your heart. She is not only a survivor, she is a miracle!

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Comment by Patty on March 15, 2012 at 11:25am

It's all about Sweetie..she is the gentlest soul, and whatever we have to do...to help her heal..is fine by me!!!

Comment by Becky Flinchum on March 15, 2012 at 10:08am

Patty and PetPalsTV, I hope you don't mind, and if you do, I ask your forgivenss.  A few days ago, I saw Sweetie's story on a facebook post from the Tony Stewart Foundation.  Given the number of responses Sweetie received, I posted a link to this story.  She is an amazing girl! 

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