That's right, as we brace for some more winter weather around the country, we can celebrate...inside!! watching a great BRAND NEW Pet Pals TV show and even rejoice in the snowy weather.

 We'll take an indepth look at pesticides that MIGHT be in your flea medication...Trainer Don visits a new puppy with tips for making the household and the new baby feel right at home...we'll take you to California and check in with a woman who takes care of 1 thousand cats ( at last count) ...and we'll learn how to make a snug and safe outdoor hideaway for feral cats.

 So join me and Paul Poteet as we present a great NEW show for you. We'll also  examine the hard drive of Huskies and Sled Dogs with an expert, Brad Johnson. Brad exposes some of the wonderful characteristics of this Northern Breed. Do you know when Huskies first started pulling sleds in Alaska? Do you know the temperament of the breed? If you are looking to get a Husky, do you have a great vacuum cleaner? Lots of terrific information, as we also prepared to head North to Alaska for Iditarod very soon. Perhaps you'd like to pack your bags and join us?

 See you on TV!

Patty and Louie and kitties galore

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Comment by Patty on January 19, 2014 at 4:07am

that's his e mail...he loves to talk about huskies and sled dogs..please e mail him@!!!!

Comment by Rachel New on January 18, 2014 at 10:30pm
I would LOVE to meet Brad Johnson, I have 5 Siberian huskies and want to learn how to train them to pull.
Please feel free to visit my fb page (Rachel New, Indianapolis) or even my fur kids page (Fur New (Rachel New)) where you will find TONS of pics of them :-)
Thank you for Pet TV, we really enjoy it & trust me, if I could afford to, I'd be in Alaska to watch :-)
Yes, we have a great vacuum, a Dyson

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