Need Temporary housing for 3 cats at end of June . . .

I desperately need temporary housing for my 3 cats by the end of June.  I am looking for an apartment, but if I cannot find it my cats and I will be homeless by July 1st.  This is an old picture of Max and Yogi . . .I can't find one of my little female, Thelma, who has all black fur except for a little white bib on her chest.  I do NOT want to give up my cats - they are my life.  I need to be assured of a safe place for them while I am in transition.  I am unemployed, but in computer training and looking for work.  Can you please help me?

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Comment by Claudia Wilch on June 15, 2011 at 3:20pm

I'm desperate - have a week and a half before I have to be out of the housing I am now in.  I'm praying that someone will be willing to safely house my 3 cats until I can get into an apartment for all of us.  They just need a small room, preferably with a window so they can look outside.  I have their food and litter box.  They are good cats, but may be a bit afraid of new surroundings.  Please email me at


Comment by Claudia Wilch on June 10, 2011 at 6:13pm
Thank you, Patty, for your kindness on my behalf.  The two cats above are Max (big cat) and Yogi and Yogi couldn't live without Max.  They both seem to like their sister, Thelma and she likes them too.  They are my life.  I need to find housing and if I have to go into a shelter, I need a temporary place to house the cats.  I am so concerned about all of this.  I would provide cat food and cat litter, just have no money to pay for the care of the cats, since I am not working right now - hope to be soon, though.  Thanks for thinking of me.
Comment by Patty on June 5, 2011 at 5:46pm
 Can someone help my frind Claudia?  Look a these two...I know, I know...too many kitties out there ...but this would be a personal favor to me...she is a FB friend, and I feel so badly for her...let her know. We all land on hard times, and I'm sure once she's on solid ground, she'd love to have them back...

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