Yup. you heard NEW ALRIGHT!

 Check out Pet Pals TV this weekend with a fabulous 'ride along' as we 'tag along' wit Mobile Mutts. This dedicated band volunteers almost every weekend to save dogs off from "death row' in some high kill Southern shelters, transporting them  to safe and loving foster/forever homes in the North, where some communities are actually in need of rescued pets! It's a story you won't soon forget..

 Then Tom Alverez shares his visit to a rescue ...that takes in birds..and donkeys...and bunnies...everything! Some are returned to the wild, others stay as pets and animal ambassadors for their species...great story!

 Buffy visits with a young girl who wants to be a veterinarian! Come and 'shadow' along with this fantastic kid who wants to be a Vet and share her life/knowledge saving animals. What sparked this child's imagination and  led her to want to be a Vet to pets in need?

And look for YOUR wonderful pet, as we salute our best elder furry friends and those who have passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Plus, learn about a Crematory for Pets where they grieve with you and also celebrate the life of your Best Friend.

 Lots of great info and  wonderful stories to start the New Year off right, with positive pet news..for YOU

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Comment by Jennifer Macy on January 4, 2014 at 8:18am

Mobile Mutts Rescue Transport....every Saturday we are transporting dogs & can always use new volunteers willing to drive.  Check out our website for more info:  http://www.mobile-mutts.org/

So glad our story is making it on air. 

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