Yes, we start off our show this week with a tribute to a wonderful, kind, dear friend who loved animals and was instrumental in saving Sweetie, the dog hit by a car last January and left for dead in the middle of the road.

Cathy Schackel, my friend, called me late that night a year ago, and asked me what could we do to save this 'sweet' dog. We got her into Noah's Animal Hospital, got her nursed back to health with the help of HSHC, and got her adopted. There is no way Sweetie would be alive today, if not for the bravery and fortitude of Cathy Schackel.

Cathy Schackel died last week. She had a brain hemorrhage and passed quickly. She was a good soul and a great lady. We will miss her tremendously.

Pet Pals TV also takes you 'inside' a dog grooming area. When you drop your dog off, do you know what happens? Louie gets his spa treatment at Noahs' Grooming, and we get an eyeful of this incredible operation. You'll have a whole new respect for groomers after you see this terrific story!

Our Buffy found a discarded pig story! Yup, a 350 pound pot bellied pig, obviously a pet at one point, was dumped in a feral cat colony. Boris the pig has been rescued but a wonderful story of survival and good advice...always see if the pet you want as a 'baby animal' is the pet you want when it is full grown! A 2 pound pot bellied pet can get as big as 400 pounds...!

And our Joy Hernandez takes us to Clay County to a very small but mighty shelter...where she found her new puppy! Joy wanted a specific mixed breed of Lab/Springer ( that is what she has had in the past) and found one at this great tiny shelter! A wonderful adventure for all...and a new baby for Joy!

We hope you join us at our NEW TIME, 9:30am..I love the new time, don't you??

thanks, see ya on TV my friends!

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Comment by Jimmy Kenney on February 2, 2013 at 10:47am

Today's story about Cathy touched my heart.  RIP to a special person.  I am so happy she found Sweetie and called Patty for assistance

Comment by Rita Rose on February 1, 2013 at 10:16pm
So sorry to hear about Cathy. Glad Sweetie has such a good home.

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