Not often you can say, " I just took the trip of a lifetime", but now I can say that. in fact, the whole Pet Pals TV crew enjoyed an amazing adventure in Alaska, thanks to Classic Escapes, and I know none of us will ever forget this incredible experience.

 Come along with us as we delve inside The Last Great Race. We had unlimited access to everything Iditarod! It's a great history lesson too, as we chat with locals and understand more about this Last Frontier! Plus, you'll see, with your own eyes, how loved and cared for these sled dogs are...they're passion to run...and how they're considered celebrities. Plus many of the Mushers call these working breed dogs 'their babies' and 'family'.

 Paul Poteet will interview some of the outstanding Mushers at the Mushers Banquet where they draw their place to start in the race out of a boot! Tradition is strong in this event. ( Paul might have an interview with the Winner, too, just sayin'!!) 

 Erin Murphy has a story about the August Fund, a 'safety net' rescue group placing some retired sled dogs who may, for whatever reason, need a new home.

 Andi Hauser has a sensational interview with a gal Musher whose whole family stands in awe of her strength of purpose.

 And Buffy does an outstanding job presenting the History of Iditarod and presents another top-notch story profiling some of the Mushers personalities, including the oldest Musher to take to the trail!

 And Dr Cathy has an insightful interview with a Veterinarian who volunteers to make sure all the dogs are healthy, before, DURING, and after the Race. In fact, she finds out ALL the Veterinarians are volunteers for the 26 checkpoints along the route! And 'no dog left behind'!

 So please join us, and learn with us, and enjoy the sights! It's all this weekend, you'll have 'so MUSH fun' watching Pet Pals TV!

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Comment by Kristie on March 15, 2014 at 4:16am
We saw you all there! Check out my husband Daniel Lent on Facebook. I believe he tagged Andi Hauser in a photo or two!

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