VIDEO: Patty Spitler Honored with Award!

Hear Indiana honored TV Personality Patty Spitler for her commitment to children with hearing loss at their second annual Amplifier Awards.  Patty Spitler has helped Hear Indiana to spread the message about hearing loss in Indiana for over seven years. By publicly discussing her own challenges, Patty is reducing the stigma associated with being deaf or hard of hearing. Annually, she has created a public service announcement for Hear Indiana, which airs on WISH-TV, PetPalsTV, and BoomerTV.    Watch these highlights of last night's award:

In 2009, Patty was the keynote speaker at the Hear Indiana Listening and Spoken Language Conference. Since then, Patty has emceed Hear Indiana’s annual Talk Walk Run(5K - 10K) fundraiser.  She takes every opportunity to amplify Hear Indiana’s message: that with today's technology, most deaf children can learn to listen and speak!

At the event, Mayor Hogsett issued a proclamation stating that, because of Patty’s commitment to helping children and families affected by hearing loss, November 9, 2016 would be proclaimed “Patty Spitler Day” in Indianapolis!

About Hear Indiana:

Hear Indiana empowers and supports children with hearing loss who listen and speak.  Over the past 45 years, Hear Indiana has helped thousands of children with hearing loss achieve their full potential. 

Hear Indiana provides:

• Intervention at the earliest possible moment

• Therapy to improve listening and speaking skills

• Up-to-date, high-quality technology

• Consultation regarding appropriate school setting and services

• Social and emotional support for children and parents

• Ongoing professional and personal development for teachers, providers and parents

To learn more about Hear Indiana and its programs to support Hoosier children with hearing loss or to make a donation, please visit  

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