The heat is on! For many folks, the warm weather months are a welcome visitor. But for pets, especially dogs, high temps mean a higher risk of discomfort and sometimes even deadly consequences.

Our Tom Dock looks at a slew of potential puppy problems this summer . Did you know some dogs can get sunburn? How do you recognize heat stroke? Can you quickly test asphalt to see if it's too hot for your dog's paws? Lots of great answers, just for you.

He's man's best friend, but in this case, he's also a dolphin's best friend. That's right, I said dolphin! Jason Heath talks to a pet person in the Bahamas who's dog loves to go swimming with the dolphins! 'Dive in' to this heartwarming and visually amazing story.

Thinking of new ways to help get critters adopted to great forever homes, Buffy explores a rescue that is teaming up with an animal shelter.  In this case, to get dogs, cats and even horses adopted! Don't say 'Nay' to this great example of pet people working together for the greater good.

Plus, we'll enjoy some of our favorite scenes from the fun, hit movie 'The Secret Life of Pets'! And hear from a couple of stars who lend their voices to the animated characters. it's grand film fun!!!

It all adds up to a whole lotta show, for your pet pleasure, on Pet Pals TV.

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From Paul Poteet:

Indiana’s Weather For Monday

Another Daybreak day! If you’re reading this in the morning, turn on your TV immediately to WISH TV. That is all. (Well there is more below, technically.) INDY SEVEN DAY FORECAST Today: Clouds early, then becoming partly sunny. High 69. […]

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