I gotta say, I love going to the Zoo.

 I remember when I was a kid, that was always my birthday wish, to go to the Zoo ( and then to go to dinner at Howard Johnson's and have fried clams and get a small stuffed animal from the bin at the check out counter...funny the things we remember.) My Father used to pull me an a Radio Flyer wagon because even then I wasn't the most athletic of individuals. And hey, I had wheels. It was a great way to see the sights!

 Always loved animals but for many of us, the only way we are going to get up close and personal to an exotic critter is to go to a Zoo. Seeing wild animals in far away places in documentaries ( which I also love/loved) is terrific, but the Zoo is the only place you can get so close.

 With wide eyes as a child, I can remember seeing the lions and tigers....and bears, oh my yes. In some cases, you could almost touch them..and yes, you could smell them too!! haha..

 Present time:

 Our WORLD CLASS Indianapolis Zoo is a wonderful place for taking your kids, school outings and just generally a great place to hang out and observe the creatures. I personally know that the trainers and keepers love their jobs, and you can see the bond they have with their charges. The animals really like some humans who feed them, give them treats, and interact with them! I also know the exhibits have been tailored over the years to make the animals comfortable, often resembling their natural habitat and that the staff goes to great lengths to see they are stimulated mentally, too.

 Many Zoo animals could never survive in nature. Some were born in captivity, others were rescued from bad situations, still others were saved when they were injured in the wild. Many do not have the 'life skills' necessary to 'live wild'..they either lost it thru injury or never acquired it in captivity. For them this is a final stop, a sanctuary of hope. They get the things they need to live and thrive..and we folks get the joy of  learning about them. We get to see a walrus, or a flamingo or an Orangutan up close! ( NOTE: Labeled the Biggest and Best Orangutan Exhibit in the WORLD, look for the Indianapolis Zoo to showcase this new exhibit in May of 2014...and it promises to be 'interactive too'...can't wait!!)

 So I invite you to join me and Paul Poteet as we celebrate Christmas at the Zoo ( Paul has a 'honk off' with some Sea Lions during his interview with the trainer, very funny!)

 I still love going to the Zoo...in fact, I JUST DECIDED, I'm going to go back on my next birthday...I just need someone to pull me around in a Radio Flyer Wagon ( perhaps a tad bigger one!) oh and yes, can we go to Howard Johnson's afterwards for friend clams? Is there still a Howard Johnson's around? Or have they become 'extinct'?

 See you for our very Special Christmas at the Zoo, this weekend on Pet Pals TV!!!

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Comment by Kathy Janes on December 20, 2013 at 1:27pm

Love your notes, Patty!  And I'd forgotten about the fried clams at Ho-Jo's!  They were my favorites too!  I have never made it to Christmas at the Zoo.  I'd love to go this year!  (And being pulled in a wagon would be nice...)

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