Polar Bears, Movie News, and Golden Retrievers!

  "Polar Bears, Movie News, and Golden Retrievers!

 To them, the Arctic is home...they are comfortable in the cold...they love the ice. This is home sweet home.

 They are majestic creatures who share our world...wait till you see the intimidating yet gorgeous polar bears up North. The conditions are rough, and ice is nice!  Unfortunately, much of the ice and the ice floes are melting. And the world of the polar bear is becoming even more difficult. Survival is not easy. Watch a mother polar bear and her cubs as they not only exist, but prevail in these brutal conditions. 'To The Arctic' is an IMAX film, in 3D and the photography is OTHERWORLDLY! Amazing video!

  You said ' We are having a Zac Attack, give us more'..and so you shall have more Zac Efron.
 We'll revisit with him in Hollywood and find out about his love of dogs. ( Can't have too much doggie info, and certainly can't have too much Zac!) I'll sit down with the  stars of 'The Lucky One" and the agreeable, prolific, canine loving author, Nicholas Sparks, too!
And Paul Poteet has a 'must see' interview with Indra, and his loving owner. This Golden Retriever Guide Dog was lost, but reunited with his owner after social media and TV news came to the rescue.
As if that's not enough, come with us to the home of young mother Olivia Huston, as her 2 Golden Retriever show dogs, share a loving home with Olivia's new baby boy! Talk about a love affair.  Olivia shows us that a great home can be safe and happy with dogs and infants. Plus, Olivia is studying to be a Vet Tech at Harrison College to further her love of animals and expand her knowledge. It's great fun with a 'paws'-itive message.
So grab a sofa seat..(Louie takes up most of my sofa, but we manage to share if I promise to rub his tummy)...it's all Saturday morning on Pet Pals TV!"

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