The story behind the name Misty Eyes....

Four and a half years ago I was offered a promotion that would require me to move to Indiana. Being that I was in the hospitality industry I was given the luxury of living on property for a few months until a permanent place was found.  I explained I wouldn't be able to accept this amazing offer if my dog Misty could not live in the hotel with me.  Thankfully my company agreed that she could stay in the hotel, I happily accepted the offer and off to Indy we drove.

Misty is a Golden Retriever Mix I had adopted three years before my move.  She went everywhere with me and still does.  When I adopted her it was something about her eyes that made me choose her. It has been seven years but I still can remember how her eyes seemed to speak to me.  She had puppies in the shelter, they all found homes and there she sat waiting for someone to choose her.  I am so thankful I did.

Two years ago I saw an ad that said "urgent" -- it was a dog who was scheduled to be euthanized if she didn't find a home and soon.  When I looked at her photo I saw Misty's eyes and immediately I knew I had to save her.  I read on and found that she, too, had been a mother and all of her puppies were gone with the exception of one who would also be euthanized.  My heart ached. I made the call and told the facility I was on my way to get them both.  My husband and I made the two hour drive and saved the mom and daughter duo.  A local no-kill shelter took in Mother Dog who has since found a loving home and we kept her seven-month-old daughter.  Her daughter, now named Macy, didn't know much other than life in cage and she was so scared.  It took months for her to even let us pet her for more than a minute.  As I write this, she lays at my feet, now a happy and healthy dog. 

As you have probably figured out I am a dog lover.  I don't expect everyone to feel the same as I do but I hope that people treat dogs with the respect that they and every living creature deserves.  They count on us. Over the past four years I have volunteered in a variety of ways with a variety of dog-related groups.  I am now moving on to a new chapter of my life.  I am proud to say that I am the President and Co-founder of Misty Eyes Dog Shelter & Humane Education Center.  Cherie Fox and I have teamed up to build a facility that will house a shelter and a learning center in Hendricks County.  We hope to decrease the counties euthanasia rate and help educate the community on the importance of kindness to all living things. 

In addition to my Misty Eyes efforts I work a full-time job and there are days that I am tired and even days I ask myself why, but never a day I can't answer that question. The answer is because of all the things in the world that I could do helping dogs makes me the happiest. Perhaps that is a selfish reason or perhaps it's the best reason to do anything.  Regardless of the reason I have dedicated my free time to helping dogs and I can't imagine my world any other way.

If you would like more information or would like to volunteer, you can visit

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