Tonight I thought of Misty Eyes Dog Shelter & Learning Center and I smiled

Cherie Fox and I are the co-founders of Misty Eyes Dog Shelter & Humane Education Learning Center.  We are a start-up organziation located in Hendricks County.  Cherie and I met in 2008 when we were both volunteers for the same rescue organization, over the past three years we often found ourselves working towards the same goals in a variety of capacities. 


It was warm Sunday morning this past summer that I ran into Cherie.  My husband and I were walking our dog,  Macy, in Arbuckle Park and Cherie was working at a fundraiser.  We stood in the park and talked for awhile, and we decided it was time to open the shelter and learning center we had both envisioned.  We knew this would be no easy task and we know the road ahead of us is a long one.  We already have an incredible group of volunteers that inspire me with their selfless giving of time, committment and resources.  I hope they know how important they are to Cherie and me and how much they are appreciated. 


I am away on business this week and I am sad that I am going to miss our weekly volunteer meeting, but as I sat at my computer and answered my e-mails I realized how lucky I am to have something like this to miss.  Misty Eyes Dog Shelter & Learning Center is going to make a difference in the community, and when I think about it I can't help but smile.  Helping dogs warms my heart and I am honored to be a part of this.


We currently have a Facebook page and our goal is to reach 200 fans by Friday.  We need only 78 more.  Having Facebook fans helps us get our word out to the community.  Please consider liking us  to help us help them.


For more information you can also visit








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