What language do dogs understand best?

Imagine this, Moonlight, the Great Dane mix, is playing around with her favorite tennis ball while you watch TV. The ball ends up rolling down behind the pillows of the couch. She tries to reach for it a couple of times and then, what will she do?....Yes, Moonlight like any dog, will look right at your eyes asking for help, right?

Dogs are actually a man-made animal. They are an evolution of the wolf, due some genetical manipulation, mixing at first only the most submissive ones. Then humans became more selective in breeding..only those with long legs, black coat, short legs, etc.

Now, thousands of years later we have over 150 breeds, from the Saint Bernard to the Chinese Crested dog. But all dogs have something in common that separates them from their ancestor the wolf and actually the rest of the animals. They depend on us!

The dog depends on us to survive. A few breeds or mixed breeds have been successful at surviving by themselves, like the African wild dog or the Dingo. But most of the breeds don't make it. What happened is that in order to please us, we eliminated their 'wild side' and made them dependent of us, pretty much useless in the wild.... Do you imagine how a Basset Hound or a Maltese would survive? How would they hunt or escape from their predators?

So, since dogs have been walking beside us for so long, we are the key for their survival. And thus are the best animal ever to read our energy and body language. The dog looks right to our eyes when needing some help. No other animal does that. And even more, when we point at something, they know we are meaning something in that direction. They don't need to be trained to do that. It's in their genes, after years and years of evolution.

Most of the time, when I am in front of a case, I ask the owner to have a calm energy and a confident posture. Even though most humans really don't pay much attention to that in a conscious way, dogs always do. That is the perfect first step to gain our best friend's respect.

I often enjoy trying to see things from a dog's point of view. Sometime quietly sit in the mall, get easy listening music in your earphones and just look at people. Actually most folks are talking on the phone, and you sure can tell if they are talking to their office, kids, boyfriend, wife, etc, even when you don't hear anything! That happens unconsciously when we learn to go back to 'our' ancestral roots and read body language and gestures. It's a universal language.

So remember, even thought your dog does not speak English, Spanish or French, he sure knows what you mean and what you have in mind once you follow your words with the right energy....
Once you really mean what you say...

I'm Fernando and I will see you next time...

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