Family Says Cat Was Shot and Left in Yard

Source: WSJV

A Michiana mom says her daughter's pet cat was shot in the head and the shooter returned it to their home in a plastic bag.

She says her neighbor admitted to the crime.

Courtney Hansen says the family's cat "Apollo" had a regular schedule.

He would come and go from the house like clockwork.

But that didn't happen on Thursday and after searching through the neighborhood for a couple of days, the family made a gruesome discovery on Monday.

The family found him in their yard stuffed in a bag and shot in the head.

Courtney Hansen says she knows who did it.

"When we walked up to the house with the Sheriff, or the state cop, excuse me, He knocked on the door and said 'We have an issue with a cat.' and he (neighbor) said, 'Oh yeah, it got in my trash so I took care of it,'" says Hansen.

Hansen says there was another development at the neighbor's house Tuesday morning.

"This morning they hung signs that sad, 'Trespassers will be shot and survivors would be shot again.' And then there was another sign that said, 'All pets need to be on a leash, clean up after your pets,'" says Hansen.

FOX 28 saw the signs for ourselves when we drove past, but they'd been taken down by the time we could get our camera out.

When we asked the neighbor about the situation, he said, "No comment."

Hansen says the Michigan State Police officer who responded to the call told her there really isn't much that can be done because it was a cat and not a dog.

We tried to talk to the MSP, but the officer was off duty.

We talked to Animal Control about the situation. An officer there says it could fall under the state's animal cruelty statute that carries a felony charge.

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