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  • Saddle up!

    Saddle up!

    Saddle up! But what kind of saddle is best for you and your horse. Joy Hernández has the story. Pet Pals TV May 19 19 views

  • Horses Massage

    Horses Massage

    They get achy muscles just like we do. Pet Pals TV reporter Joy Hernández profiles a gal who gives… Pet Pals TV May 19 37 views

  • Finals week can be ruff

    Finals week can be ruff

    http:Eight furry guests visited Wright State University’s Dunbar Library April 26 for Fuzz Therapy. Pet Pals TV Apr 28 17 views

  • Meet Elvis!

    Meet Elvis!

    Elvis is not only a super-sweet canine he is the mascot to Vogt Carpet and Flooring. Elvis is a har… Pet Pals TV Apr 26 14 views

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